Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cadbury Strawberry And Creme

I’m a bit late with this one, I’m probably the last person to have tried it but hey ho :-P
This is a limited edition, I’m pretty sure it has been out for the last two years at the same time as Wimbledon which makes sense, but I wish it was a regular product I went to buy another bar for someone else to try as they love any strawberry chocolate and they’ve already gone from my Tesco  and been replaced with the Chips Ahoy bars, so I bought that instead and I’ll just have to try that :-)
I prefer the bigger bars of cadbury just for the fact they’re still square! I know it’s probably in my imagination but I just can’t be dealing with round Cadbury dairy milk it’s not right, thank God Bournville is still square I don’t think I could manage a big bar of that.
I was quite surprised with how thick the filling was, I half expected just a thin line of strawberry but they’ve been generous. It’s nice, I did eat the whole bar in one go (woops) and it somehow didn’t get too sickly. Of course the strawberry tastes slightly artificial but with the creme (cream?!) it’s nice and smooth and goes very well with the standard dairy milk flavour. Very nice and I will buy it again when it comes back.

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