Tuesday, 5 August 2014

More Hazlenut Chocolate!

So it seems like I only eat chocolate by my posts but I do eat other things…. Sometimes!
Anyway last night I got some serious chocolate cravings, went to my secret chocolate stash and it was a toss up between this bar, Cadbury Bournville and the strawberry Cadbury bar which I still haven’t got around to opening yet!
Aldi hazelnut
This was actually given to me so I’m not sure on the price but it did come from a multi pack, in the Aldi Choceur range, I have tried the large bars and expected this to be the same but it’s not.
It has the same chocolate base, but the difference from what I can remember is that the larger bars have whole nuts in them whereas this bar has chopped. It’s very similar in a sense to the divine bar in my previous post, a nice enough bar of chocolate – with nice Hazlenut flavours but not really much crunch (which is even in the name!!!) For the price Aldi sells it’s chocolate at though I don’t think you can really go wrong, especially if your not as bothered by me as the texture in your chocolate and are more of a flavour person.
Rating 3/5
Also had to rave about my Morrisons Chicken Saag Masala, it was far too hot to cook from scratch this week so we purchased some curry ready meals. To be fair I did cook the rice and even the curry in the oven rather than the microwave :-P
It was nice enough for a ready meal, lots of nice flavour and plenty of spinach which I love however what impressed me was the amount of chicken it had! Fair play to Morrisons – I stopped buying things like this from Tesco because they seemed to be 90% sauce and 10% meat, unless you buy from the finest range – but Morrisons are definitely not stingey in that department, not bad for £3. The pack says serves two (yeah right) but I suppose with rice, naan, popadoms etc you could pad this out to feed two people.

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