Thursday, 3 March 2016

McVities Digestive Nibbles - Milk Chocolate

The humble Digestive, in a list of great British inventions it has to be in the top 5 surely. Especially chocolate Digestives! McVities have released something I never realised I wanted but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy.
And buy I did, three versions - Milk Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. There's a Double Chocolate flavour available as well and I assure you, I'd have bought that too if Asda had had it in stock! 
I figured I'd review the most basic flavour, basic it might be but there are times when the boring Milk Chocolate Digestive reigns supreme - I know lots of people swear by the
 Caramel Digestives but the last time I bought them they all melted on to each other and the caramel stuck solid rendering them inedible so I tend to stick to the milk or dark nowadays. 

The Nibbles are basically just balls of Digestive Biscuit coated in chocolate, exactly the same as the standard Digestives just in small circular form and sold in a sharing bag so you don't feel quite as guilty eating the lot as you would an entire packet.. 
In terms of ingredients the milk chocolate makes up 54% of the finished product so in theory should be the most noticeable. There was a strong chocolate scent but not in the same way as say, a packet of chocolate buttons smell. They smelt slightly more chocolatey than standard Chocolate Digestives but only just - they still smelt like Digestives to me anyway. 
Considering there's supposedly 54% of the stuff, the chocolate layer is quite thin and nowhere near as thick as it is on the bottom (yes, the bottom! We've all been eating them upside down!) of a chocolate Digestive. 
In taste, the chocolate flavour is nice. I've just had a quick look over the ingredients for both these and the biscuits and the chocolate is actually different: The Nibbles chocolate uses more cocoa mass and a little less milk and the biscuits use skimmed milk instead of whole and have butter oil, vegetable fats and palm oil. It seems like the Nibbles bag are marketed as more of a chocolate than a biscuit and so use a better quality chocolate, but honestly, I didn't really notice a difference. 
The biscuit is identical in taste and ingredients with the exception of skimmed milk and glazing agents used in the Nibbles but they are the very least used ingredients and I certainly didn't notice them in flavour.

To sum it all up, I could have written this review in one sentence:
Imagine Chocolate Digestives in tiny ball shapes - this is what they taste like. 
They are even more addictive and moreish than in biscuit form though and I had no issues munching my way through the bag though there was something that kept niggling me. 
They look like, and begin to taste like, Maltesers except you're waiting for the familiar hard, malt flavoured crunch of a Malteser that never comes. It wasn't a problem for me but some people might find it off-putting. 



  1. From the photo on, I had but one thought. One thought you neglected to share.
    I'm afraid your review misses the most important point here. Yes: Digestives can be made into faux Maltesers.
    And now it truly must or our lives will never be complete.

    1. You've ruined life for me now!! I'm surprised it's not been done yet actually.. Oooh what have you done!! I can almost taste them :-(