Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Carte D'or Sweet Strawberry Sorbet

This was another discovery made while looking for those bloody Ben & Jerry's 'Wich ice cream sandwiches! I was a lot more excited about these than the Frozen Custard though. I reckon during strawberry season I eat about four punnets a week (see I'm not completely unhealthy), I also like to freeze them - more on that later - and I'm always partial to a sorbet or two! 

I've been after a strawberry sorbet for a good couple of years now, lemon is lovely don't get me wrong but strawberry is king of the fruits in my opinion! Finally Carte D'or have released one, there's a lemon flavoured too and I'll be reviewing that very shortly. 
The tubs a funny one, it's a standard 500ml pint but rather than put it in the usual shaped container every other company uses, Carte D'or have made a medium sized version of the really tiny one portion and bigger family sized tubs. 

It's delicious. The sorbet is thick and creamy feeling, not quite like ice cream but not icy at all and nothing like the other sorbets I've tried from the supermarkets. Compared to this, those taste like Slush Puppies or flavoured ice - this has a real luxurious texture. 
The strawberry flavour was amazing. Strong and natural, it's made with mainly strawberry puree so it has a lovely authentic flavour and I was in heaven eating it. 
I would say it'd be perfect to make a strawberry daiquiri with but I think that would be a waste of good sorbet! Mr.1T enjoyed the flavour, but he said it was too much strawberry.. I'm not sure what he's on about - you can never have too much strawberry - and I don't know what else he expected from a strawberry sorbet but he is usually a lemon man anyway. 

As well as the sorbet being strawberry flavoured there were large real strawberry pieces throughout. As I mentioned, I like to freeze strawberries at home, it completely ruins the texture - they sort of freeze solid but melt quickly into a soft mushy blob but if you bite them like that they explode into a mouth full of fresh vibrant strawberry juices - but somehow Carte D'or have retained the usual unfrozen texture and they're packed full of flavour. 

The nicest shop bought sorbet I've had and I've tried a fair few! 

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