Monday, 25 January 2016

Itsu Wasabi Peas

Our Wasabi Peas are crunchy little firecrackers...
...Wasabi is also known as 'Japanese Horseradish'...
Green peas with a wasabi flavoured coating

I've recently graduated to Madras and Jalfrezi levels in my curry eating and I even had a pot of Phal sauce the last time we went to an Indian restaurant. When I'm feeling particularly lazy I'll even use the extra hot Chili Con Carne cooking sauces... I'm finally learning to appreciate the flavours of the spices rather than feel the heat. I put my hands up and admit, I got cocky - Ha! I'm a big girl now, wasabi peas will be nothing to my superior taste buds.

Well they look like peas! A slightly unnerving green colour which I can't work out if it's the colour of the actual dried peas or the wasabi flavouring but it's not Birds Eye pea green anyway. There were a lot in the small 30g box, more than enough to pick through in front of the telly for a while. 

They didn't really smell of anything, I suppose I expected a spicy scent but there was nothing I could detect. 

The texture is spot on, crunchy and nut like but without the little bits that you're left picking out of your teeth. I chewed the first few using my molars and felt quite smug, these were nice - slight spicy flavour, missing a bit of salt but I'd clearly become the spice queen. I laugh at the puny wimps who can't handle wasabi. Until I accidently let one touch my lips and sit on my tongue. 
Sweet Mary, mother of Jesus these are ridiculous. They are what I imagine Hell tastes like. My nose was watering, I could no longer feel the bottom of my face and honestly, I wanted to cry. Mr.1T reckons they taste like Brannigans Roast Beef & Mustard crisps but that's crap, I've certainly never eaten a crisp that makes me want to rip my tongue from my mouth. 
They are torturously addictive. The heat doesn't have a lingering burn like curry for instance; once you've swallowed, its gone. I could'nt stop myself crunching through the box in one go and perversely licking a couple every now and then. Sicko.

Oh God. 1/10 The actual flavour is lovely but the heat is overwhelming and I'm firmly put back in my place. 

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