Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Cadbury Minis Mix

I know I've been very anti-Cadbury lately, but for me, chocolate at Easter has to be a Cadbury Buttons Egg. I'm going to be buying myself a few nice eggs but if my mum doesn't get me my buttons there'll be words had...
We're all aware of the controversy surrounding Creme Eggs and I remember finding them quite sickly last year, so I swore I wouldn't buy any this year. I did buy some mini Daim Eggs and wasn't impressed but I'd heard good things about the Dairy Milk and Oreo Eggs. Asda are selling bags with a mix of all 4 inside and my promises went out the window. The bag is "Great for egg hunts!" but that's not going to happen - 1) they're all going in my mouth so I'm not going to the trouble of hiding them and 2) there's not really that many and they're on the small side. 
My first compliment to Cadbury in a very long time is that there was an even mix. Hopefully this is the case in every bag and I didn't just get lucky but I had 4 of each egg except for the Oreo, of which I had 5. 

Creme Egg 

This just makes me sad, it was actually my least favourite of the four. I might associate Easter chocolate with Buttons but I bet for most people it'd be Creme Eggs. These are just an insult to the proper Creme Eggs and in fact I find them offensive. A thin, soft chocolate shell with too much fondant centre. I've moaned Cadbury milk chocolate has gone down the pan but I couldn't taste it over the sickly centre. I've still not had a full sized Creme Egg to compare but I wouldn't eat these sugar bombs if you paid me. My ever present sugar fiend helper Mr.1T declared these the best out of the bag but anyone who reads my blog will know his opinion means diddly squat as he has the taste buds of a diabetic four year old. A little side note, these are the only mini egg not made with Dairy Milk.. Surely if they can use it with the other three eggs they can here, I think it'd benefit from a milkiness rather than a sugary chocolate as well as the sugary centre. Yuck. 

Dairy Milk 

Hmmm.. These have thrown me. Cadbury have always been adamant that the Dairy Milk hasn't changed, only the shape of the bars but the actual taste of the bars have suggested otherwise. These little eggs just might prove they are (half) telling the truth. They are sweeter than I ever remember Dairy Milk being, although that could be a case of 'grown up' taste buds, but they are also nicer than any recent Cadbury Dairy Milk I've eaten. Thick feeling, rich and with a milky flavour. A huge improvement on Dairy Milk in bar form. 

Dairy Milk Daim 

I had a bag of Dairy Milk Daim eggs a couple of weeks ago and I said they had too much chocolate, not enough Daim. They're solid Dairy Milk eggs with only 4% crunchy almond caramel pieces and as you can see, although there is a big difference visibly to the pure Dairy Milk eggs, there aren't any real noticeable almond caramel pieces. One of the reasons I love a Daim is the texture, and it's not really present in the mini eggs with barely any crunch. The flavour is spot on though, it tastes exactly like a Daim and if it had had the texture too, would have been my clear favourite in the bag. 

Dairy Milk Oreo 

These were the eggs that I'd been waiting to try. I wasn't sure how the Oreo would be represented in the egg - either biscuit pieces in solid chocolate filling or how it actually ended up being, a vanilla flavoured filling with biscuit pieces inside that. These ended up being my favourite, they taste like Oreos basically, vanilla cream with cocoa biscuit pieces. A tiny difference on a real Oreo as the ratios are the opposite way round, there's a lot more cream filling than biscuit but the general flavour is the same. The texture is what just pipped these over the Daim though, it doesn't say what the vanilla filling actually is but its thicker than the Creme Egg fondant but not quite as thick as the solid chocolate eggs with lots of deliciously crunchy biscuit pieces inside. 

All 4 flavours are rather sweet and with the exception of the Creme Eggs, I wouldn't say no to them again, but to be honest I probably won't buy any of the individual flavours - none are as delicious as the Lindt Eggs I had last week. 
Cadbury take note - people really will pay more for better quality, don't just knock 10p off and add a boat load of sugar in! 


  1. Oh dear these sound bad..I had an Irish dairy milk the other day and was amazed by how much nicer it tasted compared to ours. If the recipe hasn't changed then why does the Irish version taste so different?! I don't know what cadburys are playing at lately but I can't be bothered with most of their stuff anymore.

  2. Of course, ironically actual Mini Eggs are also themselves no longer Dairy Milk.
    A country-wide Crème Egg boycott in all forms might be the only thing to reverse Kraft's/Mondelez's/whatfuckingever's stance.