Friday, 29 January 2016

Flipz White Fudge Covered Pretzels

 Flipz White Fudge Covered Pretzels have been reviewed to death but Christmas caused my foreign food hunts to be a bit forgotten about.. 
These used to be sold in the UK normally but I had the imported

Truth be told, they didn't smell that great - sugar, sugar and a bit more sugar. I'm unsure if it's the US version or just my bag but I expected a bit more of a white fudge coating on my pretzels.
I wondered beforehand what the difference with white fudge and white chocolate is but maybe it's one of those weird rules again about what can and can't be labelled as chocolate. It tasted like white chocolate to me anyway, albeit a lot less sweet than it smelt and I expected. I've tried American white chocolate a few times and although white chocolate is always very sweet, American stuff manages to reach another level of sickly sweetness. The white fudge here was pleasantly surprising, I noticed mainly the flavour - of course it is sweet but it does have a creamy, richer than expected taste too. 
I enjoyed the pretzels themselves, they had a nice crunchy consistency but found they weren't salty enough for me. They were slightly salty while I was eating them but the sweet fudge would have benefited from a super salty pretzel to really get that addictive contrast. 
Interstingly even though the flavour was mainly the fudge/chocolate at the time, while I'm here writing my review up an hour later, all I can taste is salty pretzel! I'd have liked that saltiness all throughout rather than an aftertaste. 
Flipz White Fudge Covered Pretzels are ok, a bit moreish and tasty enough but not worth the price they want for them. I'll save my money in future and carry on making my own.



  1. Did you used to eat them back in the day? just wondering.

    also, where did you get them from? I get mine from b&m when they have them (and they sometimes have the mini ones) and altho they're not mega cheap, they're cheaper than the specialist US stores.

    I do miss the English version, but like these too.

  2. B&M here too! I don't think I tried the English ones, I know for a fact I always bought them but my husband had a serious addiction haha! He was so sad when they stopped selling them I had to make him white chocolate ones from scratch!