Sunday, 20 December 2015

Tesco Fruity Bars

I love Nakd. The normal bars, the crunch bars, the nibbles, the fruit & nut bits and the flavour infused raisins. I've even converted Mr.1T, who turns his nose up at anything remotely good for him, into a Nakd Bakewell Tart addict - he tried one at the start of last week and he's gone through 3 multipacks already! Let's be honest though, they're expensive. I will pay more for them as they're superior to other 'cereal' bars - a lot more filling, most are one of your 5 a day and they contain only natural ingredients. It was about time a supermarket made a rip off version though! 

Banana Bliss 

My old faithful Nakd Banana Bread, is thankfully one of the two flavours Tesco have so kindly imitated. I have high standards though so this had a lot to live up to. 
Going into it, from a health food point of view, it's a mixed bag. Ok if you're on a diet they have less calories, but they are smaller, however they have somehow managed to squeeze 4g more protein into 4g less product - so they should be roughly as filling. 

Although they are only 4g lighter they seem a lot smaller. Otherwise they look pretty much the same, with the exception of white specks dotted about in the Tesco bar. 
For a product that didn't have much of a banana smell it sure did taste like banana! The strength of the banana flavour was completely unexpected as it really didn't smell that way, it's not an artificial unpleasant banana and I really enjoyed it. One thing the Tesco Banana Bliss bars have that the Nakd Banana bread doesn't, is the addition of Soy Protein Crispies. They aren't the same as the crunchy bits used in the Nakd Crunch bars and (please forgive me Nakd!) I think I prefer them. 
It's a tad sweeter tasting than the Nakd bars but actually has 5g less sugar, work that one out! 
I'm very impressed and I'll definitely be buying these again. 

Berry Blast 

Nakd's berry flavoured bars are strawberry as is the norm, most berry cereal bars are strawberry or cherry but Tesco have switched things up and gone for cranberries. 
Nutritionally they've not got much going for them; they are higher in calories - if you're watching your waistline, have 18.2g of carbs of which 10.5g are sugar - not too great for a low carb/low sugar diet, only have 1.4g of fibre and 1.8g of protein so they're not going to be too filling either. They are low in salt though suprisingly, less than 0.01g per bar which is far from the norm in snacks, trust me we've been on a low salt and sodium hunt! 
Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. 

The only difference visually, was the lack of small white crunchies. I think that explains where the large amount of protein comes from in the banana bar and why there's nowhere near as much here.
Although the little bars have nearly four times more Dates, the raisins were all I could smell. I didn't notice any berry scent beforehand but I could taste the cranberry, it's a nice summery flavour which is quite light and almost refreshing tasting. Although there is actually more sugar in the berry bars, they don't taste as sweet as the banana, not that that's a bad thing, they just had more of a 'healthy, wholesome' taste. 
I like the previous soy pieces but I didn't miss the crunch here. The lack of them meant it had a thicker, chewier feel which wasn't better or worse, just different. 
Another lovely flavour, well done Tesco! These will be another regular buy. 

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