Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Ritter Sport Alpine Milk Chocolate

When I'm reviewing foreign brands, I like to find what would be considered the British version too. If Milka can be called the Europe wide Cadbury, then Ritter Sport would be the German equivalent. That's being generous to Cadbury - Ritter Sport are sold absoloutly everywhere in Germany in lots of different flavours just like Cadbury are here but the quality of the chocolates are worlds apart. It'd be like comparing Spam to steak! 

I've tried a large number of Ritter Sport bars (still nowhere near all of the flavours) but never a plain milk chocolate. This isn't just a milk chocolate though, this is Alpine Milk Chocolate - made with 100% milk from The Alps. 
Of all the brands I've tried Ritter Sport probably have my favourite mould - thick, chunky little squares that are very satisfying to take a big bite out of.
I could smell the chocolate immediately and it smelt absolutely amazing. I'm sure it's not confirmation bias as I asked Mr.1T to give it a sniff too but it smelt so milky, the strength was like when you open a chocolate scented body butter and far stronger than any other chocolate I've eaten recently. 
It was just as impressive in flavour, incredibly milky tasting and wonderfully smooth. I'm not normally keen on smooth chocolate but I loved the thick, velvety feel here. It still had a lovely chocolate flavour as well as the milkiness due to 30% cocoa solids. It's like Ritter have taken all the desirable factors of other popular bars - the milkiness of (original) Dairy Milk and the smoothness of Galaxy and added it to the delicious, proper chocolate flavour found in most Ritter Sport bars. 
The amount of Cocoa Solids meant that this is a rich chocolate that a couple of squares would be enough, but the sweet milky taste means that it's perfectly easy to eat the whole bar too. 
This was bloody lovely! My local One Stop are selling them for £1 at the moment and so I'll be stocking up - I think I've found my new go-to milk chocolate bar. 

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