Thursday, 17 December 2015

Fox's Fingers

Fox's have released fingers! It's either a very stupid or very brave move taking on Cadbury Fingers who literally have no competition. I actually just googled chocolate fingers and gave up before I found another brand selling this style (Kit Kat style wafers and mainly biscuit stick style Mikado and Pocky don't count) of chocolate biscuit fingers. 
Round 1 goes to Cadbury, with the exception of the Salted Caramel and Salted Peanut Crunch flavours, every box of Fingers weighs over 100g. Those two weigh 93g so still less than a 'sharing' bag of chocolates but Fox's are especially stingy at 80g! That's the same as 2 small bags of Giant Buttons or 2 Crunchies and only a third bigger than a Double Decker, so don't let the tray fool you! Although that does make it perfectly acceptable to eat the lot in one go! 

There would be no mistaking the Cadbury and Fox's Fingers, in fact it'd be easier to confuse the Fox's with a squashed Twix. They're a lot thinner and flatter than I'm used to with my chocolate fingers, but they are easily twice as wide. I wasn't suprised to find the tray wasn't full - it's to protect the product apparently - but there was less free space than in the Cadbury Fingers packets. 

Cadbury are a chocolate company, Fox's make 'Biscwits' so it makes sense that the emphasis is on the biscuit here. And a very tasty biscuit it is. Fox's have used an extremely buttery shortcake, with Cadbury Fingers the dominant taste is the milk chocolate but it's just a pleasant accompaniment here. The shortcake has a lovely crunchy texture and a delicious sweet buttery flavour, I'd happily eat these sans chocolate - I can't say I've ever thought the same about Cadbury. 
Although the chocolate isn't that thick and assuming you eat them the right way up, the flat bottom takes up much more space on your tounge giving the impression there's a lot more than there is. It's quite a generic milk chocolate, nothing special, nothing nasty but it is a lot sweeter than the Cadbury chocolate. Whether the chocolate actually is or whether it's a combination of that and the sweet biscuit, I'm unsure but it was teetering on too sweet at times.
These aren't necessarily nicer, they're different. Cadburys themselves aren't great but they are unique and somehow they still are. If I want a chocolate with a bit of biscuit I'll go for Cadbury and if I'm feeling biscuits with a bit of chocolate, it'll be Fox's. 
It makes sense in my head! 

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