Thursday, 26 November 2015

Pringles Pigs In Blankets

Its the 26th of November, only four weeks and one day until Christmas - perfect time to get started on the Christmas foods! 
Thinking about it, the only time I ever eat Pringles are at Christmas. I do like a Pringle but it's something I never seem to buy, until I saw the Pigs In Blanket flavour! I would say pigs in blankets are the most underrated part of a Christmas dinner (well any Sunday dinner if you're Mr.1T) but people are finally starting to realise the amazingess of them. There are all sorts of fancy posh ones in the shops now but I'm not fussy, any bacon wrapped chipolata will do me thank you very much! 
I'm suprised there hasn't been a sausage and bacon flavoured crisp or snack before, even if it's not 'Pigs In Blankets' they're two flavours that go very well together. 
Pigs In Blankets Pringles are chipolata and bacon flavoured - not sausage, chipolata. 
Once the foil seal inside was peeled away we were greeted with the unmistakable smell of actual Pigs In Blankets!! Ok not hot, on your plate amongst the turkey and trimmings, Pigs In Blankets but maybe if they'd cooled down sitting out in a buffet... Anyway a instantly recognisable scent. 
I took a handful from the top of the tub and the first couple had more of a bacon flavour. I discarded those (I'm pretty sure these were sealed but someone had run around Lidl opening all the Pringles!?) and the rest were more of an even flavour. Although bacon and sausages/chipolatas are both pork the flavours aren't alike, I could clearly distinguish between the two, both very tasty and the sausage had a slightly herby flavour to it. Both were pretty authentic and mixed together tasted just like Pigs In Blankets.
The flavour is good, very addictive as most Pringles are - once you pop you can't stop, after all! We've had to hide the tube in the cupboard, just until we buy another tube. 

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