Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Milka Toffee Ganznuss

Milka are a strange bunch, this bar is called the Toffee Gaznuss, but there's no toffee in it! Even in German it's described as "Karamelgeschmack" there's no toffee to be found anywhere. 
Alpine milk chocolate filled with milk cream filling with caramel, filling with caramel cream and whole hazelnuts. 

This truly is a beast of a bar. Weighing in at 300g, it's 3 times the size of a standard block nowadays and as well as being so long it barely fit on the shelf, it's nice and thick too - just how I like my chocolate. 
I was pleased to smell the deliciously milky sweet chocolate I expected with Milka that was missing from the Caramel Bubbly and there was a slight hint of a caramel scent tempting me to just eat it rather than review. 

I snapped a couple of squares in half to get a photo and made a nice big mess of my hands and the table. There are two different types of caramel; a flavoured cream and actual caramel and the proper stuff is thick, runny and very, very sticky. The slight caramel smell that I noticed when the bar was whole became all I could smell and it smelt amazing. 
There is a layer of caramel flavoured cream running throughout the bar that gets thicker in the centre of each square and it was this that I could initially taste. It's sweet, rich and creamy with a nice caramel blended in. The runny caramel pipes up next, it's thick, sticky and again quite rich. I'm sure it's the same caramel as in the Milka Bubbly Caramel so imagine Cadbury Caramel but not quite as sweet. 
Not every single square contains a hazelnut but the majority do. I could taste the nuts but I think they were probably included mainly for the texture. They're big - taking up most of each square, and nice and crunchy; perfectly complimenting both caramels and the smooth milky chocolate. 
Thankfully I could taste the chocolate this time round, Milka have been my last two world food reviews so I won't repeat what I've already written twice. It's Milka; sweet, milky, creamy chocolate. To be truthful where I loved the taste first time round and missed it last week, I could have taken or left it here! It takes a back seat to the delicious caramel flavours inside. I'm sure an inferior chocolate would have ruined the overall bar and the milkiness mellowed out the sweetness but I was so focused on the fillings I barely registered it! 
This is one bar I'm quite glad Cadbury haven't tried a version of, I imagine they'd ruin it. It runs the risk of being too sweet but manages to stop just short. The caramel flavour is delicious, the nuts provide my ideal texture, the cream adds a rich, almost luxurious taste and the good chocolate rounds it all off nicely.