Monday, 19 October 2015

Taffy Mail - American Goodies!

Taffy Mail are a company I've been in contact with on Twitter recently ( @TaffyMail ), they are basically a subscription service; sign up and once a month you'll receive a box filled with American goodies! There are three plans available, the cheapest being the Lite which will get you a taster sized box, the Classic box includes 10-12 American sweets and a can of soda, or the Extra box which has up to 20 American sweets, at least one can of American soda and at least one premium item. 

On the Taffy Mail website,   you can actually look back at previous boxes and the premium items have been full sized tubes of American flavoured Pringles, full packages (the American sized ones, not our puny packs) of Oreos, boxes of Twinkies and last months was a whole box of French Toast crunch cereal - I'm gutted I just missed that one! 
Considering the prices supermarkets charge for imported American sweets and snacks (especially the Oreos and Twinkies) and the fact we're pretty limited in the same flavours over and over again (peanut butter Oreos, s'mores Poptarts etc etc) these boxes seem like a great idea to me. It also helps I love a suprise, Mr.1T wasn't impressed at my squealing every time I pulled something else out of the box! 

Taffy Mail very kindly sent me one of their Classic boxes to review, I didn't know what I'd get in the box but I am very happy now I've opened it - the Annabelle Rocky Road S'mores is in my Amazon wishlist but I didn't feel like paying double the price of the chocolate just for delivery! 

I have a feeling these won't last too long! My Classic Box includes; 
Fanta Pineapple - Mr.1T has claimed this one! 
A load of small hard sweet type things called Dads Root Beer Float, I've not tried root beer so this should be interesting! 
A Blue Raspberry Blow Pop, a lolly pop and one I'd heard of before thanks to TV but I don't think I've even seen the actual brand sold in this country. 
Two packets of Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes, I think I've seen Warheads sold before but not the sour chewy cubes. They sound like something I'm going to enjoy! 
Another I've been debating about buying on Amazon but the prices and postage are ridiculous - Sour Apple Laffy Taffy, I've definitely heard of it before but I wasn't sure what it was.
A packet of Chewy Lemonheads Redriffic - these seem like they'll fit in nicely with my current jelly bean phase! 
A full sized box (and note in America they're called theatre sized, to enjoy with a film I'm guessing not the ridiculous Sharing like over here!) of Sour Patch Kids - I've got an inkling these will taste different to our Sour Patch Kids - E numbers galore!! 
A (huge) bar of Big Hunk chocolate, that name really makes me laugh and is very appropriate, it's got some weight to it! 
A Hershey's Cookies'n'Creme bar and funnily enough I mentioned in my Hershey's candy Cane review last week that this is the only Hershey's bar I find edible! 
A Skor Toffee Bar - I think this is similar to Reisen as whenever I've shopped for it online that's been a suggested replacement. 
The aforementioned Annabelle's Rocky Road S'mores - I cannot wait to try this one, I've been after it for ages! 
And finally a 100 Grand Bar - does grand have the same meaning in the US? I can't see how it relates to the crispy pieces inside but it sounds good to me! 

Considering this is a Classic Box I think there's more than a fair amount in there! 
Keep your eyes peeled for the reviews of all of the above (except The Hershey's, I think I've reviews it before) in the near future.

Taffy Mail have also very kindly offered any readers of the blog 15% Discount off of your first box, just go to 
and use the code 

Thank you very much to Taffy Mail for all the goodies, one very happy bunny here!  


  1. Grand does mean the same thing in the US, but it is also a slang term that means $1000. So 100 Grand means $100,000 bar. It is similar to a Toffee Crisp.

    Big Hunk is not a chocolate bar, but a honey nougat with peanuts. You can hit it on a table and shatter it and then eat the pieces.

    1. Yeah the £/$1000 was what I meant by grand, how does the name relate to the bar? And thank you for the info about the Big Hunk! I was too keen to see what I had and didn't read it properly but you've made up my mind what to try next - I love nougat!

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