Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Parrs Milk Chocolate Apple

If you had to choose between Halloween and Bonfire Night (or Fireworks/Guy Fawkes night whatever you call it) which would you pick? Halloween is fancy dress, scary films and eating your own body weight in sweets and chocolate, Bonfire Night is fireworks, sparklers, fairgrounds and comfort food.. I don't think I could decide! 
Away from the seasonal aisle and buried in with the fresh fruit and veg in Tesco, I found something sweet for each - (ready made for the lazy people like me) Toffee Apples and Milk Chocolate Apples. The milk chocolate have a pumpkin wrapper so they must be the Halloween alternative to the traditional Bonfire Night Toffee Apple. As Halloween comes first, I went for the chocolate. 

Mine had a happy face under the foil wrapper! Not very spooky...
I wasn't a fan of the apple, I'm not sure of the type of apple used but I like one with a nice crisp bite and this was very soft - almost mushy. It did have a nice fresh, juicy flavour but the texture just meant it felt like it was on the turn and about to go a bit rotten. 
The chocolate surprisingly wasn't bad, I expected advent calendar quality chocolate but it didn't taste it and looking at the ingredients it actually has 27% minimum cocoa solids and 20% minimum milk solids - not high quality luxurious chocolate by any means but not fatty, waxy candy chocolate. The chocolate had a sweet creamy flavour and was tasty enough. 
Both mine and Mr.1Ts issue with this was that it was virtually impossible to get a bite of chocolate and apple together. The chocolate coating is uneven, very thick in places and barely there in others and it had a tendency to snap off in chunks. So while we got a good taste of each part, I maybe got one mouthful of chocolate apple and it wasn't very good to be honest. I didn't like it and he's undecided but he did say he wouldn't buy it again. 
We'll stick to toffee apples in the future! 

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