Friday, 16 October 2015

Asda Caramel Bites

Cadbury have sharing pouches of mini versions of near enough all of their chocolate bars, there's a bag of mini Daim bars and once upon a time there was a sharing pouch of mini Mars bars. I, for one haven't seen them in any shops but Google is showing me photos so they must have existed. 
Asda have new packaging for a lot of their own brand sweets and chocolates so I'm not sure if this is a new product, it doesn't say new anywhere on the bag but it doesn't seem to exist on their website yet - it's new to me either way

Filled milk chocolate with nougat and caramel. 
I was impressed that although the bag only weighs 130g I had loads of nuggets and they were a fair size too, small enough that I could eat a piece in one go but just big enough to get two bites out of each. Even though there's more nougat than anything else in each, they have a lovely chocolatey caramel smell. 

They're just tiny Mars Bars basically. Soft, quite thick rich caramel with a slightly chewy, sweet nougat. The caramel and nougat have a lovely flavour and the chocolate is of a pretty good standard - what you'd expect from an own brand chocolate anyway. 
These were very addictive, they aren't quite as nice as a real Mars Bar, Mars have a better balance between the nougat, caramel and chocolate and this was the case to start with here but towards the end of the bag they were starting to get a little sweet. It's not that they were too sweet - they're perfectly tasty, especially as they are in mini bitesize pieces and as a chocolate in its own right but I couldn't help comparing them to a real Mars Bar. All that said though, I bet if I ate 130g of Mars Bar, that would end up on the sugary sweet side too.
Now to buy another bag and freeze them!