Friday, 4 September 2015

Sunkist Bon Bons

Mr.1Treat (as named by @R4Rreviews) found these Sunkist Bon Bons for me as he knows I'm a sucker for a good chewy Bon Bon! I'd even be hard pushed to choose between a good one and chocolate!! I haven't had Sunkist the drink in years so I based my review purely on the taste of these rather than how they compare to that. 

These are a mix of orange, strawberry and lemon flavoured Bon Bons, I don't think I've ever had an orange one but lemon and strawberry are two of my top three so they had a tough job ahead of them to meet my expectations. 
They weren't as vibrant as the bag would have you believe - and that was with the flash on - but they smelt quite strong. The strawberry was the standout scent but it had a nice overall fruity smell. 
They had the texture I love in Bon Bons - hard and chewy, not quite jaw ache but enough to take a while mindlessly eating infront of the telly! 

Orange - this had quite a strong orange flavour. It wasn't sour as quite a lot of fruit flavoured sweets are but it didn't matter, the juicy orange flavour was enough. Some were a lot stronger in flavour but even the mildest were delicious. 

Lemon - I'm used to a more sour lemon Bon Bon, this was somewhat sour but more of a tart lemon. They were again nice and strong and all were evenly flavoured. Nice!

Strawberry - very, very, very strong! Don't get me wrong it's a very artificial strawberry too, and kind of sour but that's what these type of sweets are supposed to taste like! Extremely addictive. 

I really enjoyed these, they're the first Bon Bon I've had in ages that met (and maybe exceeded my expectations). All three flavours were good and I'd happily eat a single bag of each. Don't try these looking for natural flavours though, they're what I call kiddie sweets - crazy, loud flavours that you'd expect kids to end up running round in circles for half an hour after they've eaten them. 
Just what I wanted!

Rating 8/10 

If anyone knows where I can find a good banana Bon Bon please let me know, I've got some but they're so mild!