Saturday, 5 September 2015

Kit Kat Extra Creamy

I had a conversation with @eveningtreats on Twitter a couple of weeks ago about these Kit Kat Chunkys. We'd both spotted them with the 'NEW extra creamy!' label on them but were a bit confused - we hadn't heard anything about a new Kit Kat and Google was no help so I decided to grab one the next time I saw it. 

One thing that threw us both was that the front of the wrapper is in English, so surely these are made for the UK? But looks are deceiving and the packet is confusing! Some parts are English - the new label, the parts about UTZ certified, cocoa farmers, contact information and all the trademarks but the rest is Polish. So from what I can gather this isn't a new bar for the UK but one made for Poland - just with half the wrapper in English? 

Anyway it looked and smelt the same, I expected for an extra creamy maybe a slightly little more chocolate in between the wafers but there didn't seem to be.
The chocolate itself did taste slightly creamier, I'm not a great fan of Nestle chocolate, normally I prefer Cadburys as its a bit milkier. This did seem to have a creamier, smoother flavour - nothing major though and I'm not sure if it really does or it's the power of persuasion. 
Either way I enjoyed it but it's really no different to an ordinary Kit Kat Chunky, I wouldn't go out of my way to find this specific bar but I'd buy it again. 

Rating 7/10 

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  1. Ooh you tried it! Thanks for the review - I might pick one up if I come across it again but I won't be gutted if I don't.