Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Wawel Maciek Toffi

We went a bit mad in the Tesco foreign food aisle on the 3 for £1 chocolates so I've decided to do a weekly Wednesday mini review on these! 

Kicking off with what sounded the most appetising to me Wawel Maciek Toffi, a milk chocolate with 45% toffee filling. 

The way the weather in Londons been lately (34 degrees outside and a good 10 degrees warmer in my kitchen!) I kept this in the fridge and so it's developed a bit of a bloom, but it is best by August so it could be that too. 

Snapping a square off I realised the 45% toffee wasn't an estimation, it really does fill nearly half the bar. I could tell before I'd even bitten into it that it was a thick toffee and I had my suspicions it would be super sweet - I'm sure you can see the sugar granules! 
Surprisingly at first all I could taste was the chocolate, I've tried Wawel chocolate and reviewed it a few times before and enjoyed it but I wasn't too impressed. The bloom doesn't usually affect the taste of the chocolate so I don't think it was the case here but this tasted like cheap (to be fair it was) inferior chocolate. The toffee soon announced itself and good God it was sweet. I had a slab of English toffee last night and it was chewy, buttery and enjoyable - this was grainy, thick, gooey and overpowering. I think it would be suited to a more bitter, darker chocolate or even less of the toffee in the same bar but it was just not very nice here. I didn't enjoy the sickly aftertaste it left either so not a good start really, fingers crossed the others are nicer! 

Rating 5/10 


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