Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Cadbury Desserts

I'm back reviewing snacks available in England, I still have one foreign goody to try but I'll get to that later in the week. For today I have two new desserts out of a range of three from Cadbury. Don't look for these in the chilled aisle if you want to buy them though, they're in with the custards, jellies and Angel Delights strangely! 
The desserts are made with Cadbury milk chocolate (note the lack of the word Dairy before the milk!) and are in a split pot/corner yoghurt style. 

The first of the two I tried was toffee clusters. "A milk chocolate dessert with a side of toffee crunch clusters". I tried both sides separately before mixing them together and going by the chocolate I'm even more confused! It's not Dairy Milk that's for sure, either the older recipe or the new but it tastes exactly how I'd imagine the generic milk chocolate Cadbury use, melted down and eaten with a spoon would taste. I took one look at the ingredients and put it down again pretty sharpish as the more I think about it the more I don't really want to know how they keep it that consistency!! 

I tried the toffee cluster next, at first they were very crunchy but gave way to a nice chewy texture which I did enjoy. The taste was exactly the same (to me) as a sugar free Werthers original (never ever eat a whole bag of those!!) they were slightly mild to begin but did get stronger as I chewed. 

Once I'd given them a stir together I was suprised to find the toffee flavour actually got stronger once it was mixed in with the chocolate, probably due to more per mouthful but it did stand out against the chocolate and the crunchy, chewy pieces really went well with the super smooth dessert. Coming to the end of the pot though, I ran out of toffee clusters and this dessert became too rich and sweet even for a sugar fiend like me. There is a plain version of this available that I have in a cupboard (why not the fridge? I don't like it!) that I'm pretty put off of trying due to how quickly this became sickly. 

Next up was Fudge pieces, the chocolate is identical so I'll save going through all that again! 

The side of fudge pieces are tiny little squares that reminded me of the type Dr Oetker and the likes make for cake decorating. They are a very soft, more traditional style type of fudge but the similarities ended there sadly. The fudge I tried alone was pretty much flavourless, the texture was there - lovely and chewy and I did get a faint fudge taste but to be completely honest I think it's because I was looking for it. 

Once mixed in with the dessert, any fudge flavour that may have existed disappeared. It was completely overpowered by that sickly sweet taste and where I originally liked the texture it let it down here. Long after the chocolate slid down (that's the only way to describe it - it's that smooth) I was left, with every spoonful, chewing a mouthful of bland fudge. I really love fudge but I did not like it at all here. 

The toffee clusters bump the first up to a 6/10 but the fudge is given a generous 5/10 - that chocolate is just too much for me and they creep me out that they aren't refrigerated but are still in date for another 6 months... 

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