Friday, 17 July 2015

Swizzels Drumstick Bon Bons

Today's review is of one of my favourite sweets - the good old Bon Bon. This particular bag comes from the company Swizzels Matlow, you might recognise them from some of their other products; Squashies, Refreshers, Parma Violets, Rainbow Drops, Love Hearts and the lolly that these Bon Bons are flavoured on - Drumsticks. 
There has been some questions on what type of Bon Bon these are so to clear that up now, these are the round, hard, chewy type. The kind that sometimes have a liquid centre although these don't. 

The Drumstick Bon Bons come in a sharing sized bag and there are a lot packed in there. Drumsticks are raspberry and milk flavoured apparently - it's been such a long time since I ate one I would have been stumped before to tell you that, but when I opened these the smell was very familiar and one I'd definitely associate with the Drumstick lolly. 
Biting into one I was pleased with the texture. I think these types of Bon Bon should be hard to the bite leading into a nice chewy mouthful and should take a while to eat and these were just that. As you can see in the photo some were more raspberry flavoured, others milk and the rest had a pretty even mixture. I found the ones where the raspberry flavouring took up half of the sweet or more might aswell have not had any milk flavour at all as the raspberry was quite overpowering. The milk ones were more of a milky/creamy taste rather than an outright milk, some tasted quite plain to be truthful and all of them led to an eventual raspberry aftertaste. 
The flavours were nice, they weren't dull but not very strong like a lot of Bon Bons I've become accustomed to! I enjoyed these but they don't come close to my top two Bon Bon flavours - strawberry and toffee! 

Rating 6/10 

Edited to add - the more I think about it the more I realised Drumsticks aren't really a sweet/lolly known for a very strong or vibrant flavour so in that respect they've actually got the taste pretty spot on. If you enjoy the Drumsticks you'll enjoy these - there is also a Refreshers version available that I'd like to try even more now as I think they are flavours that would lend to a Bon Bon very well! 


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