Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Cadbury Boost Bites

While on the hunt for the new Cadbury Marvellous Creations rocky road bar - which I still haven't found - I stumbled across this 'sharing sized' bag of Cadbury Boost Bites. They snuck these out quietly, I had no clue they even existed! I like a Cadbury Boost, especially when I need an afternoon pick me up but I find they can be very very sweet, to the point of feeling like I need to brush my teeth immediately after eating one, so I was hoping these smaller bites would be the same flavour without the sticky mouth feeling! 

It's one of the smaller sized sharing bags, weighing in at 108g but you do get a fair amount of the bites. They're quite small at about an inch long each but as with a standard sized boost each little piece is deceptively heavy. 
Opening the bag I was greeted with the same scent as I am when I open the wrapper of a Boost - sugar, sugar and more sugar! You can smell the chocolate, if you're not familiar with Boost its not Dairy Milk but just the ordinary chocolate Cadbury use, but it's clearly a very sweet chocolate. 

I was pleased to find that these really are just tiny little Boosts, with one small exception. I normally write a little bit about the ingredients when I write up my reviews, but I noticed something when I ate them that's made me look up the ingredients of a Boost bar to compare the two. While eating them they seemed to have more of a caramel flavour and the chocolate shell seemed to be less noticable. I don't have a normal bar to hand but according to the Sainsburys website (the only place with full ingredient info) your standard boost has 26% caramel and 3% biscuits whereas the Boost Bites have 28% caramel and 1% biscuit. So I wasn't imagining the increased caramel, though maybe that explains why the chocolate flavour isn't as strong. 
Anyway these are lovely little bites, good gooey, chewy caramel mixed with milk chocolate and crunchy biscuit pieces, which are my favourite textures in chocolate and they were easier to eat than one bigger block. The smaller bites make it easier for portion control but to be honest I found these so moreish I ate the lot so that might not work! 

Well done Cadbury for not messing with a tried and tested old favourite. 

Rating 7/10 

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