Thursday, 23 July 2015

Mr Kipling limited edition Cocktail Fancies

I've said before I don't really like cakes, I'd normally walk straight past these Mr Kipling Fancies but a Daiquiri is my absolute favourite cocktail so I had to try the Cocktail fancies. 

There are eight to a box, a strange number if you ask me considering that gets you three of the cream coloured Piña Colada flavour, three of the orange Peach Bellini flavour and only two pink Raspberry Daiquiri. 
All three are your normal sponge Fancie with a vanilla flavoured topping but the cocktail flavours lie in the fondant icing. There is no alcohol in any of the cakes. Sadly. 
I don't like fondant. That is what it is with these type of cakes, I'll happily eat as many Fairy Cakes as you can put in front of me but that horrible icing you can keep thank you very much! 

The cakes were fluffy and moist, tasty for a mass produced cake, the vanilla cream was fine too - not too much and not too strong tasting, in fact it got lost a little but the texture was good with the sponge cake and the thick icing. 

I started with Peach Bellini, as I don't really care for peach so though I'd get the one I was least looking forward to eaten first. I'd read on other blogs (linked in the side bar >>) that people were quite disappointed as it wasn't very peachy. That wasn't the case with the one I picked out of the box at all! When I had all three cakes infront of me all I could smell was peach! The flavour was much the same, a sweet strong Peach, I couldn't taste any champagne though but the Peach could have overpowered it. Really tasty flavour, despite my usual dislike of peach! 8/10 

I then tried the Piña Colada flavour. While it had a nice summery taste to it I couldn't have picked out Pineapple or coconut at all. I even looked on the box to double check what this was supposed to be and I definitely couldn't taste either in my cake. It was nice but coming after the Peach Bellini it has to get a 6/10 

Last but not least (hopefully) was Raspberry Daiquiri. My Daiquiri of choice is banana if fresh ones are available, closely followed by strawberry but raspberry will do just fine. The raspberry was quite a mild flavour and left more of a lingering aftertaste rather than the flavour jolt the peach gave me. The flavour is described as raspberry Daiquiri rather than raspberry but I couldn't taste any rum flavour at all. Another light, tasty cake but not as strong as the flavour in the peach. rating 7/10 

Overall I really enjoyed these little Fancies, they tasted very summery and would go perfect with a glass of something sweet and fizzy on a warm evening in the garden! Hopefully they'll still be on sale by the time an evening like that rolls round in this country! 

Rating 7/10 


  1. I loved these when I bought them! I agree that I don't think the coconut is very prominent in the Pina Colada at all.

    1. My husband tried one last night, he didn't know what it was supposed to be, he claimed to taste lemon (?!? Probably just because it was white with a little yellow tinge!) But he couldn't taste any coconut at all either, so it's not just us.