Sunday, 12 July 2015

Maryland Mix'ems - toffee popcorn, caramel & candy shells

Today's review is of the awfully familiar looking Maryland Mix'ems, there are two different versions one being a double chocolate chip cookie with raspberry jellies and candy shells and the packet I've got which are chocolate chip cookies with toffee popcorn pieces, caramel and candy shells. 
These have been about for a while, and to be blunt I avoided them as they seemed a bit of a Chips Ahoy copy but we ran out of biscuits and these were on special offer in Morrisons (£1 at the moment) and so I found myself trying one Friday night. 

They're fairly large cookies with nine in a pack and even though they're chock full of other flavours the distinctive Maryland cookie scent is all I could smell opening them up. 
The biscuit itself feels quite hard to touch but it gives an easy chew and is actually quite soft. It's sweet and buttery as normal Maryland cookies are - not an 'artisan', pretentious cookie but a nice enough, tasty choice for your biscuit tin! 

The first flavour that I noticed was the caramel, it's not a flavoured biscuit base there are actual pieces of caramel dotted about. The cookies aren't uniform in additions at all, some have far more popcorn others candy etc, and this particular cookie didn't seem to have many caramel pieces but the ones it did have had a strong flavour that managed to be dominant without drowning out the others. 
The chocolate chips are massive, and tasted to me the same as the ones used in the original cookie - just larger and as always chocolate and caramel are a delicious combination. The crunchy candy pieces are sugar coated chocolate shells - so basically smarties and don't add too much flavour wise alongside the big chocolate chips but do give a lovely crunch when combined with the soft(ish) cookie, chewy caramel and popcorn pieces. 
I can't say I noticed the popcorn pieces being toffee flavoured too much, caramel and toffe are quite similar, so while they do go together well and taste good, maybe they could have used a completely different popcorn flavour if they really wanted to go the crazy/strange mix route. The pieces of popcorn were very chewy and quite strange added in, it wasn't necessarily bad just different. I was picking pieces out of my teeth for a while after though! 

I think I judged these too harshly based on the comparisons to Chips Ahoy, alone they are a perfectly nice, tasty, fairly priced cookie. So for the rating I'll pretend the two Chips Ahoy I reviewed a while ago don't exist and rate it 


But I would like to see completely different ingredients than the ones Chips Ahoy are using too. 

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