Saturday, 11 July 2015

Galaxy Duet Bars - Caramel & Shortcake

I reckon it's pretty hard working for a confectionary company at the moment, its probably quite hard finding a flavour or ingredient that hasn't been used and that includes caramel which has, to be fair, been added to every product imaginable. So galaxy seem to have gone a different route and rather than find new flavours they've gone for a different format with two new bars; two flavours in each, the first Caramel & Shortcake and the second Cookies & Cream and rather than combine them, they've filled half of the bar with each so you can have just one flavour at a time or both together - your choice. 

The Duets are your standard sized chocolate bar at 37g and are split into two long thin rectangles and the chocolate is the usual smooth milk. I'm not a huge fan of the Galaxy milk chocolate on its own, it's a bit too smooth for me, I prefer the original Cadbury Dairy Milk but there's no denying that it's a decent everyday chocolate bar. 

I snapped a section off to take a photo and so I had a chance to try each side separately before eating it how it was intended. 
Even though the bar only has 3.4% of them, the shortcake pieces add a lovely buttery flavour to the chocolate and although they're small pieces they bring a good crunch to the silky smooth chocolate. To tell you the truth I'd be happy eating a full bar with just the shortcake. 

There is a much higher amount of caramel in the bar at 18% and as you can see from the photo, even though I had to refrigerate it (after just two hours in my kitchen cupboard the bar had turned worryingly soft!) it's a gooey, runny caramel. This isn't the same caramel as the salted caramel bar sadly and it's quite mild compared but it does have a nice flavour which suits the Galaxy chocolate well. 

I wasn't sure how the two sides would work, my OCD likes me to eat things 'properly' - I could never just bite into a KitKat, the fingers have to be broken off one at a time obviously! Big bars of chocolate are eaten by the square and so this bar I would usually snap down the centre and eat one section at a time.
 The Duets are going to have to be my exception the rule though, both sides eaten together compliment each other and improve on what were already perfectly acceptable alone. The shortcake provides a nice texture change to the rich smoothness of the caramel side which for some reason seemed to taste stronger against the buttery biscuit. I like these, both flavours are nice enough and better than some other options about but together they make this a very enjoyable chocolate bar. 

Rating 8/10 


  1. These sound incredible! Great review :D

  2. Yummers! I can't wait to try these :D

    1. I've only seen them in Co-op so far! They seem to get everything first at the moment :-)

    2. I've had no luck finding them yet! Been in 3 different Co-ops and nothing.. Pooooooop!