Friday, 24 April 2015

Rittersport 73% fine extra dark chocolate

I have no clue whether this is new, I work in central London and there are a few independent petrol stations I go to that have different chocolate and sweets from around the world every time I go in there and this was one of the new ones this week. 

It's a Ritter sport bar, a brand I love and go out of my way to buy as they have such unique flavours we don't get in the UK and are a better tasting chocolate in my opinion than most of the mass produced stuff we get here. Sometimes you just fancy something normal though and this is a dark chocolate made using 73% fine cocoa from Ecuador apparently. The back of the packet as written exactly are "cocoa solids 73% minimum. Ingredients: Cocoa mass (thereof fine cocoa 40%), sugar, cocoa butter, butterfat (milk) and vanilla extract". I'm a bit confused if the cocoa solids are 73% or 40% or it includes the cocoa butter but there you go. 

The bars a bit different to normal Ritter, there are far more squares than is standard as they are half the size but I suppose that's as most people find a square or two of dark chocolate is enough. I'll make clear before I go into this that it is an enjoyable chocolate, it tastes perfectly fine and is as expected good chocolate.
It just didn't taste dark enough to me, when I want a dark bar its usually because I'm craving that distinctive, slightly bitter bite of dark chocolate and that wasn't present here. It was very tasty but it was smooth enough that I ate the bar like I would a milk chocolate. 
Don't get me wrong it doesn't taste like milk but I think my dark chocolate hating fiancĂ©e would have had no trouble eating this. He didn't get a chance to try though, as I found this so easy to eat I ate the lot in one go, normally the richness of dark chocolate leaves me having had enough after a few squares but there was none of that here. 
I'd eat this again as it was very tasty, but not if I'm after an 'extra dark' chocolate as the name claims. 

Rating 7/10 

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