Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Relentless Mango Ultra

I have far too much caffeine, be it from coffee, chocolate (who knew!?), regular fizzy drinks or energy drinks. I do drink coffee black though and I only drink sugar free - I know about the controversy with Aspartame but I cannot handle the feeling of furry teeth I get with regular sugary drinks. A bit silly really considering how many other sweet things I eat. I normally stick to Monster but I'll have a Red Bull or sugar free KX at a push but this was on special offer in my local Tesco so I went for a change. 

When I opened the can there was a definite pop and its described as a sparkling drink but it doesn't seem too carbonated to me. It tastes more like a slightly fizzy fruit juice, I like this though as it seems more refreshing. While I don't think it would replace my normal energy drink - the Monster seems to have a pretty unique flavour - I can see myself buying this when it finally decides to warm up. It seems a summery drink, to enjoy as a normal drink rather than a caffiene source. I bet it would go down well mixed with a vodka too! 

Rating 8/10 

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