Friday, 20 February 2015

Marmite Easter Egg

As a lover of all things Marmite I've been hunting for the Marmite Easter egg since it's announcement a while ago, with pancake day done all the supermarkets began getting the Easter goodies out and I finally found it in Asda priced at £5 for a 160g egg and a 30g bag of Marmite cashew nuts. There is also a Pot Noodle version available.... Not too sure how that would taste! 

The box is instantly recognisable as Marmite in the signature black and yellow colours and includes 5 "fun marmite food facts" - I actually swear by number 3, when I've eaten a lot especially in the summer or abroad I'm bitten a lot less - I've passed this trick onto friends and they agree. 

I had to put my Poundland socks on! 

The foil around the egg is a nice touch with little Marmite jars on it, and I was pleased to see that the egg is still one piece rather than two separate halves the company didn't bother joining together. 
Despite my obsession of Marmite when I opened this the chocolate scent was stronger for me although my fiancĂ©e claims he could smell the marmite in the car on the way home, through the foil and cardboard box, slight exaggeration I think! Once it was out and on my plate though the smell does become more pronounced. 
Taste wise I was sure this was the same chocolate used in the very peculiar bar. I don't have the ingredients for that to hand but going by nutritional information the bar has 540kcal per 100g and the egg 518 so it can't be. It is very similar though so I'm guessing the marmite flavour masks the (I'm guessing) inferior chocolate used. 
It also really reminded me of the old Marmite crisps that Walkers used to make before Marmite started themselves, they were my favourite crisps of all time so that's a pretty decent comparison in my eyes. 
At first the egg was very salty, so keeping in line with the spread but the umami  flavours soon shine through. 
If you've not tried Marmite it's difficult to explain how it tastes and its a 50/50 chance my description of thick gooey salty greatness would be completely different from your opinion seeing as 99% of the world love or hate it, but this Easter egg is probably a good way to first try it seeing as how well chocolate and salt go together. Whatever you do don't make the mistake of spreading it thickly on dry toast, as that's too strong for most people (me not included). 

Rating 8/10 

If you like Marmite make sure you buy this egg and if you don't buy it and send it my way ;-) 

Edit: I've gone back and reread my Very Peculiar Bar review and it seems I thought it wasn't Marmitey enough so this must be a different recipe! An improvement I think, as I didn't think this with the egg. 

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