Thursday, 26 February 2015

Hostess Twinkies

If you're reading this and you've never heard of a Twinkie I'm impressed! They're mentioned in hundreds of films and TV shows and I believe there was a (obviously) succsessful campaign to bring them back last year after production was stopped. 
I've never been tempted to buy them as they always seem to hover around the £5 mark but my fiancĂ© appeared with a box he found in B&M claiming he had to buy them as he'd loved them when we visited Vegas a few years ago ?!

Seeing as I'm out of chocolate I gave one a try. Each cake is individually wrapped and the box we have contained 10 pretty decently sized cakes. 

The cakes are lovely and moist, you can see in the photo of the bottom how soft they are - although that could be slightly worrying as I'm sure if you shipped a box of cakes the other way they wouldn't still be as 'fresh'. This is probably to do with the ingredients list as big as 3/4 of the large box! I've just actually sat and counted and there are 40(!!) ingredients listed, E numbers galore and a nice warning about adverse reactions and activity and attention in children... Yum! 

Ingredients aside I tried this 'sponge cake with creamy filling' and was seriously unimpressed. For all the hype Twinkies have I was expecting at least something a little special but this is just a glorified fairy cake! The cake itself is fine, literally just a sponge cake. The filling is a bit strange not whipped cream, not cream cream. I think it does make the cake slightly more enjoyable but not more so than a decorated fairy cake. Do yourself a favour and buy 12 fairy cakes from any supermarket or corner shop for around 90p, I'm glad it wasn't my money spent on these! 

Rating 5/10 

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