Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Various Christmas, forgotten and a new(ish) treats

I really let blogging slack over the Christmas period, I had lots of lovely chocolates thanks to family members travelling well this year but sadly none made it to Boxing Day! Here are a few bits I've eaten and remembered to photograph! 

Lidl J D Gross Dark mousse au chocolat bars


I picked these up a while ago under the mistaken idea that it was one big bar of dark chocolate and I wasn't too impressed when I opened it up and found 15 tiny ones! However the makers  clearly know what they're doing as this would be far too much in an ordinary or sharing sized block. 
The bars are pretty long, narrow but still quite deep and have a nice thick shell of dark chocolate. Inside however is the good stuff, a lovely whipped chocolate mousse which goes perfectly with the outside casing. 

These really are delicious little bites, they are extremely rich though which is why the size is perfect. They were just right with my afternoon coffee, the richness gives a lovely chocolate hit without wanting more and I can keep telling myself they're so little I don't have to feel bad about eating them all! 

Rating 8/10

Chips Ahoy Popcorn Candy Chip 

I've previously reviewed the other cookie in the 2 we in the UK are provided by Chips Ahoy and really enjoyed it, about time I got round to this one. 
I wasn't really too excited to try this cookie, it seems a bit strange - a chocolate chip cookie with smartie like pieces and popcorn in it? But I bought them anyway in the name of blogging (yeah OK!) and 'forced' myself to have one. 
They are pretty much identical in size and shape to the other cookie, albeit with more bits sticking out, quite small in diameter but nice and thick and I did notice my cookie seemed to be lacking in the pieces department! 

Then I turned it upside down.. 

The cookie itself is good - as usual, the chocolate chips are good, the crunchy candy pieces are fine as is the popcorn and they make for an interesting mouth feel. But I really can't say I'm too impressed by these, don't get me wrong I didn't dislike them it's just maybe a bit too much in one cookie for me, I prefer the stronger flavours in the other version. I'll eat these again because they really aren't bad but I won't moan if my fiancĂ©e manages to eat all of them. Again. 

Rating 6/10 

Toffee Penguin 

I'm not sure how new these toffee penguins are but I certainly haven't tried them and toffee is a favourite of mine so I grabbed these as soon as I saw them. 
There's probably not much point in describing the basic penguin bar, I'm sure everyone's tried one - and both the packaging and the actual bar look like your basic penguin bar, although the wrapper is orange (a colour I normally associate with toffee for some reason). 

The outer chocolate is the same, a pretty tasty thick chocolate shell, the texture is the same as well but the creamy filling inside is where all the flavour is. As promised its definitely toffee - and a good toffee at that. To me this is actually nicer than a standard penguin and asking as its on sale I'll be buying! For such a simple change it makes a big difference, good stuff! 

Rating 8/10 

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Holiday Bar 

I've tried the Hershey's cookie and Creme bar before but looking back I can't seem to find my review! I don't mind it to be honest, I find it the only enjoyable bar Hershey sell the rest seem a bit off to be honest! 

I only bought this because the front promised that the same creepy picture that is printed on the wrapper would be printed on the bar but as you can see it didn't really turn out that way! 

I forgot to photo the back of the chocolate and you can't really see from the front just how many chocolate chips are in this. The 99g bar was actually nicer to me as it is a much thicker bar than the single serving version, which is longer and thinner. The extra thickness added a nice crunch and chew and I did enjoy this. That said I bought this in the reduced section, I wouldn't pay the extortionate import prices for this, there are much nicer home grown cookie filled or flavoured bars available. 

Rating 6/10 

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