Thursday, 8 January 2015

The famous McRib

I'll start this post with a little background, I used to be the fussiest person on Earth. Seriously - plain milk chocolate only, ready salted crisps (twiglets were a rare exception), absolutly no sauce except ketchup, plain meats, no bacon, egg, cheese in fact if it looked remotely interesting or appetising I turned my nose up at it. So being the last time the McRib was in the UK was 12 years ago I missed out. I have seen it abroad while on holiday since I discovered food but I could never turn down fresh paella or gyros or whatever the local cuisine is wherever I've been for a McDonalds, so now its in the UK and after 10 years of listening to my fiancĂ©e rave about taste I couldn't wait to try my first. 

I had read online and been told by my other half (because he has already had 3 since they've returned) that this is slightly different to the first time round, the general consensus that there was no onion or gherkin first time round and I'm assuming the meat is of a better quality now. 

It looked pretty messy once I'd opened it, they definitely haven't scrimped on the BBQ sauce and I was pleasantly surprised to see its not completely packed out with salad like other McDonalds burgers, don't get me wrong I'll eat a burger with greenery now but sometimes when you fancy a nice meaty burger you don't want ten tonnes of lettuce falling out everywhere!

I only got two gherkins on my burger, which I was secretly pleased about, I was going to have a bite with gherkin and onion for the sake of reviewing but I actually really liked it and wished there were more, the flavour goes really well with the rib and sauce. I love onions anyway so they were always going to be a winner. The BBQ sauce is good, slightly sweet and smoky and the meat is good too. I was very surprised this actually tasted like a rack of ribs, I half expected a  rubbery slab covered in a half edible sauce but this was good. Maybe not good enough to fly around the world like some enthusiasts but I'm told by the McRib Man next to me it's not as good as the original. I liked it anyway! 

Rating 7.5/10

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