Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Collective Limited edition Coffee

At last! A limited edition that isn't chocolate or biscuit related, and one that you can convince yourself is good for you...

I've previously blogged about The Collective live gourmet yoghurt here, that was Russian Fudge and this is Coffee. If you've tried these yogurts before you'll know they really are a luxurious, full fat treat with some added health benefits (the live cultures are good for you!) 

I looked forward to seeing what the inside lid was as there's normally a little message in there and I thought this was a nice touch. 


The yoghurt didn't look too appetising when I first opened it though it has a very strong coffee aroma! The darker sauce/syrup is the coffee flavour and a spoonful of that is strong stuff! It's certainly very coffee! (100% arabica beans from Columbia). It was far too strong on its own, and that's coming from a black coffee addict, once I'd stirred it in though it was perfect. This is how yogurt is supposed to be thick, creamy and sweet none of the low fat stuff, this is beautiful on its own but the rich coffee taste really compliments the natural flavours.

There's no mucking about with The Collective, much like a higher end ice cream (Ben and Jerrys, Haagen Dazs) compared to value (Tesco own or Aldi) they haven't stuffed all the good stuff at the top to impress you when you open it, the coffee syrup/sauce is all the way throughout the yogurt in fact I had more at the bottom than there was at the top. 

If you are a coffee fan I can't recommend this enough, it's one of if not the most  coffee flavoured product I've tried and it's good coffee too. If you don't really like coffee though I wouldn't bother, there's no avoiding the coffee in this, buy one though just send it to me ;-) 

Rating 9/10  

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