Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Some not so new treats

I've been trying to clear some space in my cupboards lately so I can justify buying some shiney new christmas goodies. These are a few things I've had recently which aren't new enough or particularly outstanding enough to warrant a full review so here's a little bit about them and some pictures for now, expect some Halloween treats this week too!

E. Wedel milk chocolate with strawberry filling 

Ive previously reviewed a few other E. Wedel bars and all have been pretty enjoyable. This bar is milk chocolate with a strawberry filling, it's slightly different to the last couple of bars in that it's a creamier filling rather than the purée. The strawberry scent is pretty strong on opening the bar and the flavour stays throughout, albeit with a rich creamy taste rather than a fruity jelly if that makes sense. Another good block. 

Rating 7/10

Mikado white chocolate 

Im not sure if these are new or were just new(ish) to Tesco when I bought them. I think most people have tried mikado, they seem to be a dieters best friend when craving something sweet at only 11 calories per stick but I managed to eat the whole box, never mind I'm not on a diet anyway! 

The biscuit sticks are good, looking at the front of the box they're LU which I enjoy anyway and preferred the sweeter buttery taste in the dairy milk bar. It's the same here and as the white chocolate is sugary sweet too I can see this being a bit too sickly for some people. My greedy self doesn't have that problem and they were all gone. I did prefer these to the strawberry pocky but I would really like to try a dark chocolate version next.

Rating 6/10 

Sainsburys Christmas Charity Chocolate

I was in two minds about the Sainsburys Christmas advert when I first saw it, I thought originally it was a bit wrong for them to use war to promote an own brand chocolate bar but I softened once I saw it was in partnership with the Royal British Legion. I'll keep it short and sweet as I didn't buy this bar to review - that doesn't really seem right. It is a nice enough plain chocolate though and I'd encourage everyone to buy one, it's for a good cause after all. 

Marmite Very Peculiar Milk Chocolate 

I really don't know why I haven't had this bar before, I am a total Marmite fiend. You name the version I've tried it, every limited edition and near enough every spin off product they've bought out. I don't like the own brand crisps though the Walkers version was much better! I know I've had a bar of this before, given to me by my Grandad, the only person I know who loves a Marmite more than me (he has it on his Christmas dinner)but I was going through a savoury phase at the time and as it was already opened once I got round to it the chocolate was a lovely shade of white so into the bin it went! 

Anyway.. The bar does have a faint smell of Marmite once opened up and there is a slight Marmite taste to the chocolate, nowhere near strong enough for my liking, but what I did like is the salt. Marmite is a very salty spread and that comes through here, a lovely mixture of sweet and salty and that is what makes this bar slightly better than your average bar of milk chocolate for me. 

Rating 6/10 Needs more Marmite!!! 

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