Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lidl Deluxe Kangaroo Steaks

I've been slacking a bit lately - real life seems to have got in the way! I've been trying new things and have some new reviews but I've not got round to putting them up so I'll start with a non chocolate/ice cream/sweet product and go with a nice meaty kangaroo steak.

This is from the frozen Deluxe range from Lidl, although it is worth noting (and thankfully I remembered) that it needs to be fully defrosted before cooking, I wonder why they aren't just sold fresh? 

This contains 2 150g steaks but mine came in 4 or 5 pieces which I was slightly annoyed about to begin with but this did help later on. The steaks are quite small in length but the main 2 fillets were very thick - this could explain why the pack tells you to fry over a high heat for 7 - 8 minutes! That's absolutely fine for my other half, he orders his steak well done but I'm a rare/medium rare at a push girl and I begrudgingly gave my largest piece 5 minutes either side. 

We have an electric hob at home at the moment (I hate it with a passion) so whatever meat I cook tends to end up charred - or seared if you're polite - on the outside, I think it's called black and blue in America. His kangaroo (cooked to instruction) ended up very charred on the outside but still had a tiny pink line on the inside although that fillet was a good 3-4 inches thick. 

Mine was just how I like it though! The taste is similar to beef steak, kangaroo is a very lean meat and everything I've read online says to make sure you don't over cook it as it can end up chewy. I think you can see mine isn't yet I still had to use a steak knife to get through this, I didn't have to for my £3 Morrisons steak last week. This is where the different sized pieces helped out, the largest part ended up more on the rare side, the medium medium and the small slither was well done. All three parts were quite chewy, not in the gristley sense like some beef but the actual meat itself. That said there was a noticeable difference between the 3 pieces - I would definitely recommend a medium rare. 

 I also read that up until quite recently it was seen as the dogs dinner in Australia so I guess it's just everywhere at the moment as part of the "exotic foods" fad. I would eat kangaroo again - I've had ostrich a few times and done properly in a restaurant it's delicious - I'd like to try a real cooks version of kangaroo. I'm still a nice juicy cow steak lover at heart though. 

Rating 6/10 

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