Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mega Candy King Pick & Mix Post

I think there is a fine art to buying pick and mix, I have two rules. Rule number 1. Don't go after any children - Ive seen kids half eat a sweet decide they don't like it and put it back in the tub…. And rule number 2. Pick somewhere busy like the cinema or a busy supermarket, they get emptied and refilled on a regular basis, no stale sweeties for me thank you very much!
I love good quality chocolate and treats but sometimes you can't beat a cheerful (note not cheap anymore! I miss woolworths!!) pick and mix infront of a film.

Bon bons

I've got strawberry, sour lemon and toffee, candy kings are nice and chewy just like a Bon Bon should be!

Chocolate covered fudge

Nice chewy, not great chocolate obviously but goes nicely with the big lump of fudge inside.

 Strawberry dream

Just like Swizzles Matlow squashies but bigger - sweet but sour nice and chewy

Cola meter

Nice but I prefer the strawberry version, I'm not a fan of the artificial cola taste and left this!


One of my favourites,  strawberry and cream flavoured chocolate - it's cheap and can get sickly but yummy!  I may have purchased a case of just these on amazon….

Pink pigs

 I never noticed the little pigs had different expressions before! Strawberry flavoured chocolate, actually nicer than the M&S Percy pig egg I reviewed at Easter.

Fruit balls

Like giant versions of the jelly sweet in dolly mixtures. Nice soft jelly inside nice flavours too.

Ice cream cones

Same strawberry and cream flavour as the skulls, just smaller. I think the skulls taste better though it must be a psychological  thing.

Fizzy bubblegum

Not a fan of these, a bit too sour for my liking but it does break up the sweetness of my mainly chocolate pick and mix!


 Nice runny, jelly centres. Strawberry flavoured filling.

Giant Snowies

Everyone must have had these before! Nice and crunchy the bigger the better.

Giant jazzies

Same as the Snowies but just chocolate flavour. Lovely.

Milk  chocolate raisins

Actually a surprisingly decent quality considering they're really just filler!  They're massive too.

Magic carpet

Nice and chewy. Strawberry flavour is OK, makes a nice change to the rest of the chocolate/fizzy/sour sweets.

Pink and white mice

Mmmmm another of my faves! I think it's probably more nostalgia than the white chocolate taste but I love these!

White mice

Aboves little brother! Exactly the same just miniature.

Crispy bite

A crunchy chocolate covered fudge as opposed to the chewy chocolate fudge above. Probably my overall favourite, the texture is my idea of perfect. I really need to find a recipe and make these myself.


A fruit flavoured jelly covered with sprinkles. Nice and crunchy and decent fruit flavours.

Vanilla fudge

Just your standard vanilla fudge, I'm pretty sure it's Lonka but if not they must be made in the same factory. A soft chewy fudge but nowhere near as soft as the likes of Thorntons etc.

Banoffee fudge

Same as above just with banana and caramel flavours. They also have a chocolate fudge but I'm not keen on that one.

So I finally got round to reviewing pick and mix! At the time I love it but I always wake up with a sugar hangover the next day, and wishing Id bought a decent box of chocolates to have instead :-P

Rating 5/10


  1. This is my dream post! Ice cream cones and jazzies have always been my favourite pick n mix sweetie.. I LOVE candy chocolate! I can't get enough jelly beans either! The giant ones are amazing but you risk losing a tooth as they're so hard and chewy! The strawberry milk shake bottles are pretty awesome too! Ive never had such lucky with those strawberry dreams - They are always rock solid when I get them and don't soften whatsoever.. i hate to think how old they might be lol! What about foam shrimp and bananas!? Now they really are something special!

    1. My Wilkos have only recently got the bananas. They are first in now! Lucy we've worked it all out.. buy your pick and mix on a Thursday - it's been restocked for the weekend so is nice and fresh and the kids are still at school so everything's left and not been touched by little hands... Ha! One word of advice don't ever buy it from IKEA, you don't even want to know what we saw. Can you tell we're pick and mix addicts? My mum even asked if we'd rather have pick and mix than a cake at the wedding haha

  2. but how do you know children unseen before you haven't done contaminated it? out of sight, out of mind :P

    1. Exactly :-P if I don't see it - it didn't happen haha!