Sunday, 10 August 2014

CHOC+ Chocolate Raspberry Pie

I've reviewed CHOC+ before with the other bag -Rocky Road Scrumble - and I really enjoyed it, I actually have bought it again a few times but this time I decided to go for the CHOC+ other supermarket offering Chocolate Raspberry Pie. I'll say it again though they do a Banoffee version but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere? 

It's a pretty straight forward bag with chocolate, meringue and dried raspberry pieces, it isn't too bad on the nutritional front if you're just watching calories as size wise this is the same as the other bag, but does weigh significantly less - obviously because of the meringue. 

You do get quite a lot in a bag, I wouldn't say enough to share but a decent amount for one person, it's quite hard to see in the picture but I would say 70% of the bag was made up of chocolate, then the meringue and literally (I counted!) 3 pieces of dried raspberry, which isn't a bad thing but more about that in a minute. 

The chocolate pieces are tiny, so it is a good job they made up most of the bag, but it is decent enough chocolate, on their own I could quite happily sit and eat it but mixed with the meringue is when it really gets yummy! The meringues are nice too, I'm not really sure what they're supposed to taste like other than sugar?, but the texture is spot on, nice and crunchy if u want to take a bite, and melt if left on your tongue. The chocolate taste and meringue texture was lovely. I felt the raspberry let it down though, it just wasn't a taste I liked and I don't normally mind raspberry, they just tasted slightly bitter to me so despite my disappointment when I first opened the bag I was glad of the fact there was barely any in it! I will buy this again though as I really like this style of bag, as nice as chocolate buttons or m&m's are I get bored of eating the same thing over again. 

Rating 6.5/10 

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