Monday, 4 August 2014


If you're reading this chances are you might have read my other blog, I decided to switch over to this as the format seems a bit easier so forgive me there will be a few reposts, I will have some new ones up tomorrow though. 

Well! We’ve decided to start a blog, I’m not sure if anyone will even read this but that’s fine, to be perfectly honest this is more therapeutic on my part.
September 2013 the doctor demanded I put weight on and now with a clear head I can see he was right. After being a fussy eater for all of my life I decided if I had to put weight on I was going to do it the right way – eating everything I fancied! This turned into a complete list of Ben and Jerrys flavours to work my way through (15 down so far!).
I started looking at other review blogs to get some inspiration on goodies to buy and I’ve decided to take their lead and make my own blog/diary to keep track and rate yummy stuff I’ve found, I also think I’m boring my Facebook friends and twitter and Instagram followers to death with my pictures of chocolate and ice cream. I’ve roped the MR into helping me and so there will probably be some random posts amongst the food.
Now where’s the food!

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