Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Trio Bar

So the Trio is back! I'm afraid I'm not as excited as everyone else because I know I've not eaten one before. This is because I was probably the most boring person ever when it came to food. I've mentioned it quite a lot but I've made a helpful tool for future reference:

How To Know Whether One Treat Ate Something

Was it plain milk chocolate? If the answer is no, the answer is no. If the answer is yes, the answer is maybe. 

Were they Dolly Mixtures? If the answer is yes then the answer is yes. If the answer is no then the answer is no. 

And that pretty much sums up my childhood! 
Using my very helpful questionnaire we can immediately deduce that the Trio was a big no-no.

Milk Chocolate with an irresistible toffee flavour cream and a crunchy biscuit

Now I don't have any previous experience to compare the Trio's much awaited return to but I'm hearing good things online. It seems like McVities are one of a few companies who aren't compromising quality over costs and have in fact stated that although there have been a few modifications to allow for modern manufacturing processes, the ratio and tastes should be exactly the same, and, rather than shrinking the size like so many other companies, the Trio is actually 15% bigger than it used to be! 

Well I'd have hated to see how small they were before! Short and quite fat, they're larger than a two finger Kit Kat but nothing like a proper chocolate bar. To be fair the Trio is more of a chocolate biscuit but you know what I mean! 

I have to wonder if McVities and Nestlé are in some way affiliated. Google claims not but the Trio really smelt like Nestlé milk chocolate, in taste it tasted more like the chocolate used in McVities Chocolate Digestives though. 
The biscuit comes through next, it is a biscuit and claims to be irresistibly crunchy but mine had a softer crunch - almost like a wafer. Mr.1T says its like a Kit Kat with a toffee cream and I can see what he means, there's a lot more of the biscuit but it does have a similar crunch, though again, how much of that familiarity comes from the Nestlé Kit Kat like chocolate, I'm not sure. 
Finally the thick toffee cream. Once I'd munched through the chocolate and biscuit I was left with a mouth full of a thick smooth cream. It's very tasty actually, quite sweet with a lovely toffee flavour and was the flavour left lingering on my lips long after the rest of the bar was gone. 

I feel a bit scared to say anything bad about the Trio to be honest, what with an army of mega fans over the moon that it's returned. It's very tasty don't get me wrong but I'm not sure I'd have spent the last 13 years begging for its comeback... Who knows maybe you had to be there the first time round?

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