Monday, 14 March 2016

Nestle Pick & Mix

There is nothing particularly innovative or exciting about the new bag of chocolate from Nestle, but sometimes the simplest ideas are some of the best. 
If you follow my Instagram or Twitter you might have noticed I'm a bit of a Pick'n'Mix fiend, personally I'm still mourning the loss of Woolworths but Candy King do the job quite nicely. Nestle have saved me a trip to Wilkos by taking a few favourites, Smarties, Rolos, Aero Bubbles and Toffee Crisp Bite Size and put them in a sharing sized bag named Pick & Mix. Whenever I choose my own Pick'n'Mix, Smarties and Chocolate Fudge Crunch (basically the 'cheap' version of a Toffee Crisp) are the first in my tub so I'm happy!

I don't really know why my chocolates all look like that but they all tasted fine!
There's not much point going into detail about each individual chocolate, I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't tried them but they all tasted fine.
Each bag is really varied, I had a pretty even mix of all four chocolates but Mr.1T had mainly Toffee Crisps and just 1 or 2 Smarties and Aero Bubbles in his so it's luck of the draw I'm afraid!
One major takeaway from the Nestle bag is that I realised I actually prefer the Candy King Smarties to the proper ones!! Controversial I know, but the Candy Kings have much more of a chocolate flavour than their branded counterparts. Otherwise everything else tastes just the same as usual but I am left wondering why Aero chocolate tastes different to other Nestle chocolate? Not just because of the aerated texture but the flavour is completely different, normally I wouldn't notice but it really stands out against the chocolate used on the Toffee Crisps and Rolos. 

It's all well and good, perfectly tasty but Nestle have missed a trick. They own Rowntree's. Now I like chocolate but Pick & Mix is just that - a mix. Where are the sweets? 
What're the bets that in a few months a bigger, more expensive bag is released with the Rowntree's Pick & Mix (Tooty Fruitys, Fruit Pastilles and Fruit Gums) mixed in? Actually.. I might buy a bag and do that myself - it'll be a lot cheaper than Candy King anyway! 

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