Friday, 11 March 2016

Leonidas Dark Chocolate Assortment Part 3

Today's post is the third from the Leonidas Dark Chocolate Assortment I got for Valentines Day.
Part One and Two have got things off to a very impressive start. 

I'd made a serious dent in the assortment already, eating 7 each time and these were all doubles which Mr.1T very "helpfully" tried with me. This left me with 10 singles in the 550g box, don't get me wrong I was surprised with just how many little chocolates were included but there was no way on Earth he was trying any of the singles I had left! 

Alexandre Le Grand

Moving away from flavoured creams and pralines for a moment the first I tried this time round was a caramel. Caramel is seen as a bit of a fail-safe and done well it can be amazing but it it so easy to ruin too. 

The chocolate shell was very crisp with a decent snap and the same rich dark chocolate flavour I'd enjoyed in every other chocolate. The caramel inside was gorgeous; thick and almost gritty with a wonderful caramel flavour, it was extremely sweet - especially compared to the deeper darker flavours of the rest of the assortment but balanced beautifully against the outer chocolate. A caramel well done! 


The box included very common flavours, found in most boxes of chocolates but they all have a slightly different twist on them.

Although it doesn't look it, the chocolate seemed much thicker on the Marron, giving a much more intense dark chocolate flavour. The pralinĂ© had a delicious hazelnut flavour and included small crunchy (what I'm guessing were) hazelnut pieces. Lovely. 


I mentioned this specific chocolate previously without realising I actually had one in my box. Salted Caramel - sure, I don't think I've tried a salty butter flavoured caramel though! 

The outer chocolate seemed quite thin so it didn't take much for the runny caramel to ooze out. Of course, this is a dark chocolate box but I couldn't have cared less what it was all encased in - the caramel was incredible. It's thick and sticky and has a deliciously buttery flavour, I didn't taste any salt but I really didn't care. Quite possibly the nicest caramel I've ever eaten. 

Noisette Masquee

You may be aware of my enjoyment of nuts... So I was pleased to find a couple of chocolates which included whole hazelnuts. Stick a hazelnut or an almond in it and I'm pleased! 

The chocolate had suffered a slight bloom but it hadn't affected the delicious flavour at all. The praline was very thick, smooth and almost like a mousse. I'm not sure if it was supposed to but it had a very slight hazelnut flavour to it as well. The hazelnut on top was the icing on the cake, very crunchy and I was surprised to find I actually noticed the individual flavour of the nut - too often small, crappy nuts are used more for texture than flavour but it was clear and very tasty in the Noisette Masquee. 


Oh yes!! Another butter cream chocolate - if you've read the previous two reviews you'll see they went down very well. Mr.1T exceeded my expectations with the Dark Chocolate Assortment but I'm debating buying myself a Milk Chocolate box now just to try that version of the Eve - Banana butter cream, yes please! 

I knew the second I read the description this would be a winner. In all seriousness in my top 3 things I've ever eaten in my life number 1 is Kobe Beef, number 2 is a Risotto I had in Greece of all places and number 3 is the vanilla butter cream inside this chocolate. It's sweet, very rich and creamy and has a super strong vanilla flavour - but proper vanilla none of this artificial crap. Incredible. I actually forgot about the chocolate but I'm sure it was just fine!! 

Manon Cafe Dark

I struggled finding this chocolate as the photos on the menu only show the white varieties but the last chocolate in this sitting was the Manon CafĂ© Dark. 

I'd done well with the other chocolates, considering Mr.1T had had them delivered for me they were all in a pretty good condition and this one was the only one that had taken a bit of a battering. 
Included once again was that butter cream, supposedly coffee flavour this time round. In all fairness it is described as a light coffee but against the rich dark chocolate I didn't notice it at all. It still had the creamy flavour of the actual butter cream so I was more than happy and that with the thick dark chocolate and crunchy hazelnut was still lovely but I'd have liked a stronger coffee flavour. 

So far, the only moan I have with the box is that two of the coffee flavours weren't as intense as the first I tried! Out of 34 chocolates I don't think that's bad going at all! 

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