Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Smarties Mini Eggs

So my hunt for Cadbury Easter replacements continues. The Lindt Mini Eggs were the first contender, the Cadbury Mini Mix bag had a couple of decent flavours, the Black Magic eggs were nice but not dark and the Waitrose Jelly Eggs aren't Creme or Mini Egg like at all! If you're anything like me you'll know, we go into Easter with the best intentions - buying everyone lots of lovely chocolates but end up eating them all ourselves and having to replace them. The Lindt eggs would be perfect to give as gifts, very tasty and 'posh enough' that I wouldn't feel like a tightwad but that could end up very expensive when I inevitably end up scoffing the lot. 
I decided to try some of the cheaper bags of Easter goodies and the Nestlé mini eggs were 2 for £2. I chose the Smarties Mini Eggs and Mr.1T chose Milky Bar, of course. 

They look a bit 'off'. I didn't actually see the Milky Bar eggs but the Smarties aren't quite the proper egg shape - well I've never seen an egg with a completely flat bottom anyway! 
They were in the usual mix of Smarties colours but I only got one blue one sadly. Am I the only person who feels naughty eating blue sweets after all the hooha a few years back? I know they're all above board now but whatever!
 Round one goes to the properly egg shaped Cadbury Mini Eggs!

The ordinary Smarties ratio seems to be a bit more sugar candy shell to a smaller amount of chocolate, whereas the eggs are the other way round. It's definitely a different recipe as good old Google informs me the nutritional information is different - one sure fire way of knowing if there has been a change! Although its just a small difference, it made a big change in the taste, they don't really taste like Smarties. 
Of course there is still the sugary sweet crunchy shell but the increase in chocolate throws the flavours off. The actual chocolate is a bit pants to be honest, I'm unsure if it's the same chocolate used - it probably is or there'd be uproar, Cadbury style - but I've never realised just how.. bland? Nestlé chocolate is. 
There is more chocolate to taste than in normal Smarties but it has less of a chocolate flavour. They're less sweet than Cadbury Mini Eggs, by a long shot actually, but (and I can't believe I'm saying this) Cadbury have a much nicer, more intense chocolate flavour - even with the new recipe. Round two goes to Cadbury again! 

Smarties Mini Eggs are tasty enough with a good crunchy texture, but more chocolate isn't always a good thing, less is more Nestlé! 

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