Sunday, 21 February 2016

New Covent Garden Soup Co - Soup of the month February

I can't believe its February already, but one good thing comes out of the months flying past so fast and that's a new Soup Of The Month from New Covent Garden Soup Co. 
This month is Thai Style Broccoli & Ginger, a bit of a strange mix you might think but apparently it's been carefully selected with Valentines Day in mind. OK I'm a week late on that one, but soup isn't my idea of a fun valentines, plus it was a Sunday - pizza day, obviously! 

Anyway the press release is as follows: 
Made with a delicious mix of well documented aphrodisiac ingredients and Thai spices, the soup is perfect for consumers seeking to celebrate the most romantic of months.

New Covent Garden Soup Co put it a little nicer on the packet:
Romance is sure to be in the air this month with our latest tantalising marriage of flavours.... ....Whether enjoying it with your significant other or sipping it solo (wahey!) let our new Thai Broccoli & Ginger Soup of the month make your taste buds skip a beat this year. 

The soup, as always, is nice and healthy with half a carton containing 1 and 1/2 of your 5 a day and is suitable for vegetarians. 

What a charming shade of green! 
Before opening the carton I thought broccoli didn't really have a smell but sure enough something smelt broccoli-ish. That didn't last long though and it soon began to smell exactly as it would taste. 

There were no 'chunky' ingredients so to speak, like potato and no large chunks of broccoli or any other veg but the soup was very thick, yet still had a quite smooth texture. 
The first taste I noticed was of the coconut - though that's probably due to my usual aversion to coconut - and it soon blended in with the various spices used. 
The spices chosen were perfect, mixed with the coconut it had a flavour extremely reminiscent of a Thai Curry and a slight spicy kick to it. I'd always assumed the Thai fish sauce or stock was what gave Thai Curry that unique flavour that I love but after eating this soup, with its complete absence of anything fishy, I'm guessing it's actually the coconut. 
I think the coconut is what gives it the thick creamy texture as well, as there's nothing remotely creamy listed either but this really felt and tasted like I was eating a slightly watery, not too spicy Thai Curry.
I didn't actually taste the various veg; broccoli, onion, cauliflower, kale or even the rice. They weren't very large but I didn't mind as this soup isn't about the textures or the flavours of those. It's all about the spices and they are spot on. 
My one gripe is the vegetable I did notice, the spinach. Now I love spinach but there were large whole spinach leaves and unfortunately they just ended up stringy and slimy. Not a very pleasant feeling but thankfully there weren't too many. 

I can't say the soup made me particularly horny so it would have failed if I'd been using it as an aphrodisiac but it was tasty enough I'll let that slide! 
It was surprisingly filling too so I don't think I'd be very comfortable even moving right now let alone working up a sweat!! 

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