Monday, 29 February 2016

M&S Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs

So this was another gift card purchase from the M&S Easter aisle, I'm still on the hunt for Cadbury replacements and I convinced myself that was reason enough to buy them - I'm sure I would have anyway, I always give in and buy things when I can see them through those damn clear packets! 

The Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs are supposedly 
Milk chocolate Mini Eggs with a speckled candy shell 
but they're hardly mini eggs, more of a medium I'd say - you can fit about three Cadbury Mini Eggs in one of these bad boys! 

My bag contained three different colours and they mostly had an egg shape, some were a bit squashed but they were eggy enough. The speckles finish it off nicely and they really do look like tiny coloured real eggs, I reckon if they were a bluey colour you could pass them off as Quails eggs but there is never any question to Marks & Spencer's attention to detail. 

I find whenever I've had Cadbury Mini Eggs (recently anyway) that they do smell of chocolate but it's more of a sugary 'candy' chocolate but the Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs smelt as if I'd just opened a bar of proper chocolate. 

The scent seems to be partly due to the fact the candy shell used is very thin, it's more than enough to give the crunchy crack like quality that makes Mini Eggs of any kind so addictive but overall it has a much more intense chocolate flavour. 
My favourite thing about this M&S product, and any I've tried actually is that they never scrimp on the quality. Say you go into Tesco and buy a packet of own brand Mini Eggs, the chocolate they use isn't the standard own brand stuff sold on the shelves, it's the everyday value stuff or at least a poorer/cheaper version. M&S have used the exact same 30% cocoa solids chocolate inside the Chicky Choccy Mini Eggs that they're selling in the milk chocolate bars and boy, does it make a difference! They are delicious, very milky with a proper chocolate flavour - no sugary crap and certainly no throat burn. Of course the shell is pretty sweet but the thickness of it and the pure amount of chocolate compared means its a pleasant sweetness that compliments, not overwhelms, the chocolate. 

I need more right now. They are a grown up tasting Mini Egg, far too tasty to be given to kids who won't appreciate them. They aren't a replacement for the Cadbury Mini Egg, they just can't be compared. This will be the first of many bags of these I get through this Easter! 


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