Sunday, 10 January 2016

Refreshers Fizz Balls

Fizzy fruit flavour soft chewy mini Bonbons with a fizzy sherbert centre.

In my mission to find the best, I stumbled upon the holy grail of Bonbons - Monty Bojangles Bon Bonanza. As with all of the best tasting things they are ridiculously hard to find, it's a case of ordering direct from the website and paying delivery fees, minimum charge etc or getting really lucky in T K Maxx. I only found one packet lurking at the back of the shelf and so in my reluctance to eat my treasure and until I find a regular supplier, I'm trying some others. 
Today's Bonbons are Refreshers Fizz Balls, they do come in a pretty small packet but we got them in a 5 for £1 deal in asda so quite good value

They smelt just like Refreshers but a bit more sherberty if that makes sense - like a Refreshers version of a Dib Dab. Like the original, natural colours are used so they're not crazy bright.. Or maybe they are and I've just become accustomed to the neon colours in the American sweets I've been eating lately! 
I'm a big fan of the texture, as always my preferred chew is a hard one and even though these are much softer than I like, they have a long lasting chew which gives way to a lovely fizzy sherbert centre. I had my concerns these wouldn't taste as vibrant as most other 'penny sweet' Bonbons as the flavourings are natural too but they were spot on. They tasted just like Refreshers, were extremely strong and all but the purple one had a lovely sour flavour - the purple was just as strong as the others but sweet.  
After eating the king of Bonbons my expectations for all others have lowered considerably but these were really nice and I was pleasantly suprised.


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