Monday, 4 January 2016

Good 4 U - Super Bites Banana & Cocoa

I was so pleased when I found the Tesco Fruity Bars, their version of the Nakd style bars. I was even happier when I found these Good 4 U super bites - "naturally nutritious & delicious superfood truffles" - little balls extremely similar to the Nakd Nibbles. 
 The company are called Good 4 U, and the name is pretty apt. This small 40g bag is 1 of your 5 a day, rich in fibre and calcium, low in saturated fat, has no added sugar, is a source of magnesium (23% of your RDA to be exact, which contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue) and is 100% vegan and gluten free. Phew!
We found two flavours; Coconut and Banana & Cocoa. I chose the latter, obviously and Mr.1T went for coconut. 

These type of snacks never look very nice do they?
They're bigger than the Nakd Nibbles and there was a decent amount in the smallish bag. The smell was pretty even, some smelling strongly of banana and some with a cocoa scent. 
Taking a bite the texture was similar to Nakd but I'd definitely be able to tell the difference, the Good 4 U are softer and chewier without any of the grittier pieces found in the Nakd. 
The nutritional aspects, and the size were pleasing but they were let down slightly by the flavour. They were quite plain generally with a sort of earthy flavour. The ingredients are 40% dates, milled sunflower seeds, raisins, reduced fat cocoa powder, dietary fibre, chia seeds, red algae seaweed, freeze dried banana, brown rice flour and natural flavouring. So you can imagine - the ingredients are all brown and it just tastes.. brown?
It is reminiscent of the base flavour of Nakd bars, probably due to the dates, but the Good 4 U are missing the fruity, bright, vibrant flavours that round it all off in Nakd. 
I could taste the banana and the cocoa. The cocoa is very mild, its not pretending to be chocolate - its proper cocoa, and it is tasty but not very strong at all. The banana is better,  its an authentic tasting banana but isn't very prominent at all and had a strange slightly bitter or almost gone off after-taste.
So it probably doesn't make much sense at all that I'm going to say these aren't actually that bad!  With the Nakd bags, I like to sit and pick at them but I couldn't enjoy these eaten that way. Shoved in like the greedy pig I really am, the flavours do end up a little more pronounced and the soft, squidgy texture is enjoyable. Honestly though, I wouldn't buy these for the flavour but the nutritional aspects do make it appealing - it's an easy way to get a vitamin and mineral hit. Mr.1T thoroughly enjoyed the coconut balls though and for someone who avoids health food as a rule and someone I've never noticed have a general like for coconut, that's pretty impressive! 

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