Monday, 18 January 2016

Fruit Heroes - Banana Fruit Bar

As I previously mentioned, it's January so everywhere you turn adverts and promotions are screaming at us that we should add be on a diet and detoxing. As a result, lots of little products like this are on special offer, the Fruit Heroes Fruit Bars range are all half price in Tesco at the moment - 99p. 
I'm pretty sure they're intended for kids lunch boxes, they only weigh 20 grams but one small bar still counts as one of your 5 a day. 
I've also spoke before about how my favourite healthier snacks are Nakd and I was totally brand loyal until I tried the Tesco versions, they were just as nice and cheaper and the Fruit Heroes bars are cheaper still and have roughly the same kind of ingredients so I thought I'd give them a shot. 

The box was a bit deceptive. It's the same size as a multipack of 4 Nakd bars but I should have realised they'd be noticeably smaller with five in this box. I'd expected them to be similar to the Tesco bars - shorter than the Nakd but quite thick. I couldn't have been further from the truth, they are much longer and maybe a quarter as thick, even the biro I included for scale was fatter than these bars! 

I'm not going to lie, I used my eyes before my nose and I wanted to throw it straight in the bin. It looks exactly like the chews I give my dog!! I actually even picked it up intending to throw it away but my nose remembered to work and I got a sniff of extremely strong banana. 
Now I'm a bit of a banana fiend and once I'd caught scent of that, there's no way it was going in the bin. So I (really) shut my eyes and took a bite. 
The texture is slightly off compared to Nakd and Tesco. It's a lot stickier and softer than both and I didn't get much satisfaction from the actual chewing part. 
The flavour is amazing though. It tastes like (and even more so as I couldn't see what I was eating) mushed up banana. The soft consistency adds to this and it's probably the most natural tasting banana flavoured product I've had. 
Nakd have the reputation of being one of the 'cleanest', healthiest snacks around with a small ingredient list but the Fruit Heroes have even less; 79% dates, 18% banana, 2% sunflower oil, water and natural banana flavour. 
Delicious, a better banana flavour than both Nakd and Tesco but just let down slightly by the lack of a good chew! 


  1. These sound great, I'm going to have to buy them! Have you tried the Aldi strawberry & banana bars? They're pretty good too!

    1. Nooooo! Are they the same sort of bar?