Friday, 4 December 2015

Sainsbury's Gingerbread Ice Cream

There's nothing particularly Christmassy on the packaging of this new Sainsbury's Gingerbread ice cream so it could possibly well be a new addition to their range rather than a seasonal. Still there are a few flavours associated with Christmas and gingerbread is up there with the best of them so if this is going to be a year round product, Sainsbury's couldn't have picked a better time to release it! 

Gingerbread flavour ice cream with a toffee sauce and gingerbread crumble 
The lid of the tub claims it to be "packed full of gingerbread biscuit crumble & a rich toffee sauce". I could see both before I'd even scratched the surface so so far, so good. 
If you don't like gingerbread you might as well stop right here. 
Wow. The ice cream has an amazing, extremely strong gingerbread flavour. It's a very warm, spiced flavour - incredibly moreish and absoloutly delicious! The gingerbread crumble is just that, don't expect any large chunks a la Ben & Jerry's they're diddy little bits but what they lack in size, they make up for in flavour and texture. They're very crunchy with an (if possible) even stronger gingerbread flavour. 
To tell you the truth, I only noticed the quality of the ice cream after the flavours - if you normally read my reviews, when it comes to ice cream, the quality is normally what I comment on first. I didn't expect top end, luxury ice cream and to be blunt it's not. But it's very good for a supermarket own brand, creamier and thicker than I expected. Perfectly acceptable. 
Besides the small amount on the very immeadiate top of the tub, I was yet to find any toffee sauce or strangely any dark chocolate. Dark chocolate? Well it's listed in the ingredients, but missing from the description and the whole of my pint, so who knows! 

I finally found some toffee swirl, a very small toffee swirl! Trying it alone was dissapointing. Compared to other brands swirls this has a very mild toffee flavour and somehow no real difference in texture from the ice cream. Strangely I noticed the swirl more against the ice cream. I thought it would be easily overpowered but while I couldn't really taste outright toffee there was a sweetness balancing out the spiced gingerbread. 
Bloody lovely, they should do something about the sauce though. Either get rid of it all together - the rest is more than good enough alone and it's a waste of toffee sauce or add more and make it stronger. It's a bit irrelevant at the moment. 


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