Thursday, 31 December 2015

Kit Kat presents.. Stirred - Vanilla

Its typical, whenever I go out looking for new snacks I can never find any. Come 4am on a Monday morning when I'm waiting to pay for the diesel in an overpriced petrol station in central London and its everywhere! Then I have to find somewhere to hide it from greedy Mr.1T until we get home and I can put it in my stash and it has to be somewhere that it won't get smashed to smithereens. Suffice to say, many of the goodies I find in my overpriced treasure trove don't make it home to be reviewed. 
I'm learning though, and I made sure to buy two of these Kit Kats! They are Kit Kat presents Stirred! - Vanilla flavour and I don't really know where they're from! The trademark is registered in S.A, which I'm assuming is South Africa, but the contact details are for right here in the U.K. So we've either got a bonus World Food review or I've managed to bag an early U.K release. I'm not complaining regardless! 
The chocolate looks no different to your bog-standard, everyday four finger Kit Kat and it had that distinctive Kit Kat smell; the usual Nestle chocolate but somehow you can almost smell the wafers too.

Inside was more of the same, no difference to be found and I hoped it wasn't a sign of things to come. At first, this was the case. Same sweet, instantly recognisable chocolate flavour with the crisp bite of the wafers. This soon gave way to a lovely vanilla after-taste. Be warned, it is rather sweet but it still manages to have a kind of creamy vanilla flavour.
 I really enjoyed it, the way I review is I'll take a piece (in this case a finger), eat it slowly and in small bites, decide what I want to write about it and then get stuck in to the rest. I had my notes all written up and put away and I ate the other three fingers like a normal person. I had to go back though as this really improves the more you eat - the vanilla flavour becomes more pronounced and the normal chocolate is less noticeable. There's nothing wrong with normal Kit Kat chocolate - OK it's not great but its Kit Kat, that vanilla is lovely though.
I'm guessing the Stirred line is a range designed to be stirred into milk or a hot drink. Unfortunately I didn't get to try this as I only had a Cherry Pepsi Max on me at the time and I don't think that would have worked too well... Still I imagine this would have been delicious with a cup of strong black coffee - my fave - or any other warm drink. 
An improvement on the original and while I'd like to rate it an 8, I noticed I've been rather stingy on the ratings lately and I can't put it higher than some of the better quality chocolates I've tried. So for that reason only it's a

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