Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Asda Whirly Bites

Blah blah blah.. Asda..blue signs.. You know by now! I've previously reviewed a few new bags of chocolates from Asda; Caramel Bites, Giant Pinwheel Buttons and Nutty Bites. There are also two bags of Milk and White Chocolate Buttons but I went for the more interesting choice - Whirly Bites.  Asda's version of the Milky Way.

Bite sized pieces of whipped nougat covered in thick milk chocolate. 
The nougat was what I (thought) could smell before I tucked in. A sweet vanilla scent that was very tempting. They were smaller than the Nutty Bites, roughly the same size as the Caramel Bites, big enough to take two bites if you want but small enough to eat them in one go. 

The nougat was thicker feeling than I expected considering it's a whipped nougat. It's lighter than a marshmallow but still has a slightly squidgy feel rather than a creamy whipped texture. I'm really enjoying these bags of chocolate from Asda, the emphasis is more on the flavour of the ingredients and these were no exception. In my opinion, although the official line is that Milky Way is small because it's marketed to kids, they are the size they are because any bigger would make them sickening sweet. Asda's Whirly Bites are a lot less sugary tasting than a Milky Way, there is a stronger chocolate flavour although I did notice a vanilla flavour coming through too. It was this vanilla I could smell initially and I thought the nougat would be vanilla flavoured but looking at the ingredients it actually seems to be the chocolate. Whichever one it is its a nice light flavour and was the same as the Nutty Bites - I ate the whole bag easily and was left reaching for more rather than tiring of the sweetness. 
Another solid 7/10 from Asda! 

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