Sunday, 13 December 2015

Asda Extra Special Mini Chocolate Panetonne

Panettone is a traditional Italian all butter cake and I'm ashamed to say I've never tried one before! In all honesty this is the first year I've tried lots of Christmas treats, I was so fussy I normally stuck to chocolate, Danish cookies and shortbread. Last year was the year of the stollen but I thought I'd be brave and try some new things this year. 
I should probably preface this review with another admission. I'm not that keen on cake either with the exception of muffins, plain fairy cakes and stollen. This wasn't looking good! 

I chose the Asda Extra Special Mini Chocolate Panettone for one reason and one reason only. I wanted a small, one portion (in case I didn't like it) chocolate chip Panetonne and Sainsbury's had sold out. I hadn't read any of the guides on Panettone so I had no clue whether this was one of the better supermarket ones or not.
The box was beautiful, it felt a real shame to tear it open and the contents looked lovely too although the paper wrapping around the bottom half of the cake did mean I lost a good chunk when I removed it - still silver linings, that must mean the bottom is nice and moist, surely. 
It smelt buttery with a slight hint of chocolate and strangely raisins, there aren't any raisins in here at all so I wonder if my brain has just associated the sweet Christmas fruit cake smell with the buttery sweet scent of the Panettone. 

It was a strange one, the outside of the cake had like a thin, papery feeling layer which was dry and tasteless but the actual inside was much better. It was a lot moister than it looked but still was quite dense and doughy feeling. Somehow despite this doughy type texture it was surprisingly lighter and less stodgy than it should have been - a complete contradiction I know! 
I wasn't keen on the chocolate chips, they were OK - it doesn't say whether they're dark or milk chocolate but they seemed a little too strong and rich for milk. They worked against the airy, sweet, buttery cake but I wouldn't eat them alone. 
Mr.1T raved about this but Stollen still holds my heart! 

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