Monday, 2 November 2015

Monster Ultra

Well this is embarrassing. I bought all three new Monster Ultra energy drinks as I'm a bit of a Monster addict, I'm still waiting for the protein versions but the three we've got are: Monster Energy Ultra, Monster Energy Ultra Red and Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise. 

Ideally I'd be sitting here telling you all about the flavours, which is nicest and all that jazz. But I can't. 

To be 100% honest, I opened all three of these on a Saturday evening (separate Saturday's I'm not stupid enough to drink 3 in one go!) and with all three I decided they'd be perfect with Vodka. I had the best intentions - I even took photos of them all before I opened them - but one bottle of Absolout Vodka down (between the two of us!) and I find myself with three empty cans and a bit of a fuzzy head. 
I do remember all three seemed less fizzy than my usual choice, Monster Absoloute Zero and Ultra Sunrise in the orange can had a citrusy flavour. They tasted (at least from my half memory) more like a slightly fizzy juice than an outright energy drink. 
They make a very taster mixer and will become my go to when I'm looking for a something on a Saturday night but when I'm craving an energy drink I'll stick to the Absoloute Zero. 
Tasty! I think. 

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